1. Your argument is fair but playing vs the likes of nottingham, bournemouth and leeds aint the same as playing vs the likes of Arsenal, Chelsea, spurs and ManU.

  2. Yep, and even that 0.39 against Brentford is comprised of a handful of tiny chances below 0.10 each.

  3. Even if not they could just have a mechanic that they are x% more potent when applied to 7 stars

  4. Yeah I think there are too many existing champ mechanics that relate to their being 3 power bars for this to work

  5. Eh, they could just put them aa the bosses and reduce the attack/health nodes they put on them. However I could see a sneaky TB eq on their part, announced some time next month

  6. Honestly I really hope they create a TB EQ, providing that Cav EQ rewards stay the same and the new ones are a level above.

  7. I heard it’s to be made out of wool and comes with instructions on how to pull it over your eyes

  8. The last time he played false 9 he was so false that he was the deepest lying midfielder

  9. What everybody seems to miss when it comes to “Walt did it for his family, plz sympathize” etc. is that Walt’s situation is not unique. Millions of fathers get cancer and die. And guess what? Most of them, if they are good people, will try to provide for their families the best way they can WITHOUT resorting to extreme violence and crime. This applies to both Walt and Mike. Mike could have gotten a very good job, saved money for his granddaughter, and left her a good amount upon his passing. Walt could have taken Gretchen’s offer obviously, but even before that, he did not have to resort to making meth. He had a degree and decent connections, he could have done better than a high school teacher from the get go. The show doesn’t really explore how/why he ended up as a schoolteacher but I suspect it has to do with his narcissism making him unemployable elsewhere. In the end, both Mike and Walt are cowards who refused to take the hard route of living a good life and doing the best they could for their families, and resorted to violence and crime in order to take what they wanted.

  10. I’m on a post BCS rewatch of BB, and I’ve been astonished at how quickly apparent it is who Walt is on another repeat viewing.

  11. Saying El Camino is bad certainly doesn’t have to be satire. BB and BCS are my two favourite shows and I thought El Camino was awful.

  12. I don’t have him yet but I know that Galan is a super hard counter to her

  13. All his basic hits are energy attacks so you can melt him with Torch

  14. No I don’t lol i knew because last year Kabam teased a connection between spider-man symbiote and dr strange on the battlerealm map and their only connection is spider supreme

  15. Is spider supreme a pre-existing character in other media?

  16. Something about that actor seemed really authentic too, like he was a real person you'd meet.

  17. Just watched this episode on a post BCS rewatch and completely agree.

  18. I love how so many of us are clearly at similar points in rewatches after BCS finished because I also watched that episode the other day

  19. Yes it’s nice that we can share that experience, Dickinmymouth1

  20. I still have no clue about sudden dash back and forward of my champ during fight. I used a iPad stand and make sure my palm won’t touch the peripheral. Yet the champ sudden dash even both hands off the screen. This kind of sudden dash can coz you immediate death esp in content like EOP, Abyss, Infinity Gauntlet.

  21. The new one for me (on top of parry being worse than ever), is it not registering that I’m doing a heavy attack after I’ve parried someone.

  22. No Leicester keeper or defender is a worthy anything until Rodgers is sacked

  23. Upvoted because it’s the most gammon comment I’ve ever seen and I don’t want other people to miss it

  24. Haven’t seen a performance this sluggish since the last time I tried to ride my missus with a hangover

  25. No central defenders on the bench???

  26. I’m guessing we’d need to stick Abildgaard there in a pinch

  27. About to find out whether my -4 for Jesus to Kane was justified or not

  28. Isak scores a penalty out of nowhere and gets 3 bonus. Absolute joke

  29. Yes that is indeed how the bonus system works

  30. Played brilliantly last time he started, was unlucky to drop straight back out

  31. He’s as two footed as they come so don’t think it impacts him much

  32. I’ll be back here later if the score gets a bit more bantery

  33. I hope he stays largely injury free. Want to see what records he can break.

  34. This would have been great to know before we all transferred him in

  35. Going to repeat something I said in the rant thread about why I avoided Mitro.

  36. Well I said it in the first half so it wasn’t hindsight. And it’s only 1 game into his good fixtures so it’s too early to brag about anything, I could well be wrong.

  37. The Bundesliga tax never applied to City. Dzeko, KdB, Gundogan, Sane, Haaland… and even Akanji looks great.

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