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  1. I would guess they are talking about median individual income since they mentioned $2k per person.

  2. I think the difference is, and this is as someone who's worked in family law for about 20 years now, is that if people do it consciously and the the man picks up the slack on household duties it makes all the difference in the world. We see a lot of cases where the guy lost his job at some point (right now March 2020 is a common time frame) about 3 years ago and hasn't got a job again. But also didn't pick up the slack at home. He also maybe spends a lot of time on the computer (and not so slyly looking at porn or DMing other women/ex from highschool on facebook, etc).

  3. Russia wasn't a hoax. The intelligence services were spying on russians and trumps people consistently came up on wiretaps. Stone, manafort, and many others. If you can't see that by now there's no hope for you.

  4. I don’t want to really walk to far out on the plank with this comment. However I am pretty sure the J6 Committee has the goods. Riggleman here is letting the culprits know.

  5. Could be on the spectrum, it would explain their lack of emotional control

  6. Wonder where the final run will be. I think Folsom would be a fitting spot (size, central location, quality of vibes).

  7. I agree. Weather in Colorado is perfect in summer. No humidity what's so ever in Colorado. Mountain views in Boulder. And highs in 80s during the day. Dry heat

  8. Hope they come to Texas, but if not I really enjoyed the one show I got to see.

  9. Moria was only chosen as a last resort (Aragorn talked Gandalf into at least attempting the redhorn pass, but Gandalf understood Moria was the only realistic option).

  10. She was very talented but not the best writer. Even Bobby Magee was written by Kris kristopgen

  11. Totally agree but away from Skywalker timeliness please...really sick of this unless they undo 7,8 and 9

  12. I totally emphasize with skier but I'd be weary of breaking people shit especially if I don't know them

  13. Ok go back with can food and water. Seriously if they look like this cat they need medical help. Also you'd want 2 kittens not one. They are high energetic first few years and need a playmate

  14. Ok the worst thing is electric stuff which I'd hire electrician for. Ask around. May get someone to replace all those for couple hundred especially if you go to store and buy them.

  15. Being with one person is not natural and people need to lighten up. I bet if the marriage was open this wouldn't have been am issue but let's just cling to 2000 yr old tradition which was to keep men from running wild and go to church. It's not natural so stop being so judggie

  16. if they were in our shoes for dating most they wouldn't be able to handle the rejection and all no responses

  17. Also from the hotel industry: Never book your rooms through 3rd-party websites like Expedia. I used to work in a hotel and literally every single problem we had with a reservation was caused by some screwup from a 3rd-party site, and there was very little that the hotel front desk could do about it.

  18. So twice I've called my hotel to say it's cheaper on this site and will they .Atchison it? Both times they told me they can't so did 3rd party sitr

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