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She-Hulk...What the fuck did I just witness

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  1. this is a joke right...right?

  2. Far too many people do not know how to just relax and watch something

  3. "turn your brain off and watch the movie" is disnoid slang for "stop hating the pretty colors mickey mouse put on screen for me"

  4. get that bag my guy. bitches are temporary. the drip is forever

  5. Damn no one has said insomnia cookies on this entire thread? what are we doing ucsd??

  6. do you like clone wars or do you like the 10 episodes of clone wars that were actually good? That show is beyond overhyped

  7. or its just a trashy feminist fever dream of a show. fucking disnoids...

  8. Somehow Diabeto returned...

  9. you shut your mouth. keep Johnathan Banks the fucks away from the MCU

  10. "Maybe I should've let those jurors get crushed" is an actual line that is said.

  11. Stick with data science, unless you hate it. You can still go to med school with that major, and if you decide not to you have a more marketable major than bio.

  12. nope run from the god awful dsc department. find yourself a chill stem major and grind for the mcat or something idk. whatever you do if you're not interested in data science dont spend a second more with the dsc department. this school and its shitty dsc classes will make you feel like an idiot who cant write code for shit if you dont come in with prior knowledge or you arent basically interested in spending 15 to 20 hours a week per dsc lower div class

  13. Is the department for data science that bad? Oh, but are you talking about lower division classes or for all?

  14. I've legit learned nothing useful in the last 3 years. I'm 6 months from graduation and every class so far is either full of aggravating professors or jam-packed with material to the extent where its very obvious the course wasn't meant to be done in 10 weeks. Honestly, I can think of only 3 or 4 classes that have actually promoted learning and taught me something in the time I've spent here. I just landed a job that pays well and i can tell you without a doubt that i got the role because of how hard I worked outside of school for certifications, publications, and projects and other stuff like that and had absolutely nothing to do with the god awful education I got at this school

  15. you're trolling abt the loki stuff... right?

  16. if you gotta ask if ucsd has a certain accommodation you're looking for, the answer is normally no lmao

  17. Heisenbergs straight up running a meth factory on campus huh?

  18. dont try to make sense of it. the premise is broken to the core. my boy waldron just wanted to tell his shitty story and he didnt care about anything else.

  19. god help this poor plank loving man

  20. Couldn't find any sources, but that little prick who's been going through everybody's comments is scrounging for every reason to call us wrong, so I'm just starting from what I assume would be his perspective

  21. dude thinks he's smart as fuck lmao but he keeps sprouting the same nonsense on every post about she hulk in this sub. just another defender of mouse rights fighting the toxic brood like mickey mouse personally comes to his door and hands him a stack of hundreds every time he comments here

  22. I don't really keep up with marvel any more, I don't really have a horse in this race, but Banner / the Incredible Hulk used to be one of my favourite characters from any media, ever since I was a child. Marvel absolutely massacred my boy like I could never imagine. I honestly struggle to think of a boy who has been more massacred.

  23. who has been more massacred *yet*

  24. The actress or the character? Cause the actress is an insufferable ‘C’ word.

  25. im curious whatd she do? i only know her as tahani from the good place lol ik nothing abt the actress

  26. why tf would anyone not choose to take mmw remotely... remote is 100% the way to get through that god-awful sequence

  27. Some people were saying Remote is more difficult. Is MMW 11 easier if you take it online?

  28. I took the series almost 3 years ago now so take this with a grain of salt.

  29. yeah you go girl! smash that patriarchy!! being the hulk for 10 years has nothing on being a woman your whole life!!!

  30. Ive worked 40 hours a week since junior year. I've been super lucky with a remote contract job so I kinda just grind on my computer all day. Things get overwhelming as fuck when midterms and finals hit but otherwise its really not that crazy. You just gotta give up sleep lol

  31. Wao all of these criticisms are horrendous. I'm not gonna lie I saw this thread before watching the episode and could find defences for it even before that. I don't see how banner having a machine that let's him stay in banner form is a contrivance when he was able to make one to keep himself as hulk, so why not the other way? Either way, it seems like the question would intrigue banner enough to try it out.

  32. Ok I posted this at 2am yesterday so mb if I came off as a troll. but ngl I stand by everything I said and it really feels like you're creating strawmen to defend the show.

  33. I think Fringy was talking abt a she hulk comic run in the last EFAP where Hulk gets her pregnant because she's the only one in the world who can carry his children until birth. The point is only an idiot believes comic accuracy makes a product good. Comic writers arent gods that can do no wrong lmao and I'm genuinely sick of mcu stans dick riding comics as hard as they do.

  34. your stomach is definitely begging for you to just put it out of its misery

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