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  1. “His name is Duuuke, and he’s a gooood cat”

  2. “That was my idea Mr. La…” RANDY!

  3. As soon as they said, “there’s an injured Packer still down on the field with an injury” I said yeah with a broken ankle

  4. How can he make it any clearer?? Obviously the lion chillin while battering the rats knawing at the top of the cage

  5. It’s also spelled “gnawing” the K in his tweet is killing me 😂

  6. Some guy posted this video (the pilot) and said his story, he said he wanted people to learn from it any everything

  7. Learnt: Don’t crash the plane. Got it

  8. You’re ok with blood secreting from a human face but not a toad 😂😂😂

  9. I put strychnine in the guacamole sauce

  10. You mean that 27 year old TE who’s about 6’4” and 250lbs? What number is he again?

  11. I think he is 46. No way of knowing for sure though

  12. I am in jersey. It sucks here also the bouncer was a chocolateer

  13. Oh haha i didn’t know if it was slang for something😂

  14. I come here looking for you daily 😂

  15. If Izzy gets a rematch after being down 3-0 why wouldn’t Big Al get a rematch after losing just 1?

  16. Because they’re using him and the division has to move on.

  17. Name one time where big name fighters were 1&1 and they didn’t do a 3rd fight

  18. I know a guy who flies for Horizon who has 3 failed check rides

  19. I’ll never underestimate volk. I just think the size and strength advantage added on top of Islams grappling level makes this a bad stylistic fight for volk

  20. I don’t think anybody dethrones Makachev.

  21. I have this too unfortunately… damn my sexy body

  22. Who gives a fuck what people say! I just want that number 1 seed! We’ll prove the doubters wrong when it’s time!

  23. Good luck with women man you’re gonna need it! Until then just use your tears for lubricant!👍

  24. You all know? Who is you all? You and your cat you fondle?

  25. We won’t know until that week possibly the week before.

  26. I haven’t actually seen anybody say it was early. Just people mocking people saying it.

  27. Suck the front, fuck the back, finish of the front

  28. Where’s the money? Name one big money fight with Dariush or Fiziev

  29. Prime Minister C, nice, don't offend. If you don't like my shit, just pretend. People always scream at me whenever I talk, but I don't jerk off cause I'm not the J Roc!

  30. Damn Bubbles took over the mic so technically he would be the new prime minister. My smart ass answer now has some meaning haha

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