What If GME Options Are Not The Way?

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  1. The assumption to test here would be to see if GME is unique in its volume decrease or whether this decrease is also seen in other stocks, correct?

  2. The volume has dried up because of 2 simple reasons. 1) options interest is dead. MM options hedging/dehedging is like 95% of our volume. 2) the shorts and volatility players left. Only recently have some shorts returned so their may be some price movements in the future as these obligations amount up. Other than that nobody touches GME with a 10 foot pole so we're just gonna trade in this channel.

  3. MM options hedging/dehedging is like 95% of GME's volume. Without options, GME is a ghost town. The January squeeze was due to options. Our cycle run-ups are due to options. I don't understand what there is to even discuss.

  4. Yea this is some garbage SS lunacy here. There is no such thing as MOASS. Or a short squeeze. Only way to make profits on GME and other basket stocks is play the volaitiliy and OPEX cycles. And capitalize when their obligations are sky high and MM has to flip it's hedge.

  5. What? I don’t think you’re correct.

  6. Once in a lifetime play😂. Boy they brainwashed you good lol

  7. I've been trying to get people to understand this on the Twitter hype lol been called a clown, a shill, misinformed, and not understanding this "unique once in a lifetime, life-changing money" play🤣people can be retarded sometimes. When it's too good to be true, it is!

  8. Well obviously if people have to go on reddit and read garbage "DD" to get they're market plays then they have zero financial and market knowledge lol

  9. Carl Icahn is going to be buying lots of GME, cause every short is a future long

  10. This post reeks too superstonky. Throw it in the trash!

  11. Don’t defame me turd,. I bought leaps and theta while you did not, so poo on you

  12. Well you're an idiot and that post was hot garbage 🗑 lol

  13. Lmao penny stocks is the only place to become a Millionaire over night. Your a jealous moron . Hating cause your not a part of something. People making huge gains on here while you comment from the sidelines wishing you bought this early on. Sucks to suck kid. Keep buying crypto loser lmao were getting rich over here while you hate and call us poor lmao hilarious

  14. Penny stocks are the biggest pile of garbage plays on the market. Everybody knows that. Oh yes become a millionaire when a stock "rips" 50 cents😝. Clealry you're beyond brainless on the markets and don't understand how the OTC works.

  15. I know I'm up bigly especially today fkin sideline peasant

  16. Oh yes it went up a whole dollar😱😱, you now have 1k in you're trading account. Future millionaire there😂. It's OPEX week duh, by Thursday only people left in this garbage play will be bag holders.

  17. Yes because it’s been working through its issues and will come out on top.

  18. Ummm no. It will be bankrupt within 2 to 3 years.

  19. Scared? Huh? I got out of bobby months ago like every other person with more than 2 brain cells did and took profits. Only idiot bag holders are left and just swapping shares between each other😂

  20. Seems to me to be an Overstock situation. Check insider ownership it is at 135%, could get messy for shorts.

  21. It's SI is high because it's a pos company going bankrupt. The shorts don't have to close anything.

  22. Considering I saw your other comments on MMTLP, I shall say you know not of what you speak.

  23. Oh yes a stock went up a whole dollar today.😱

  24. Orrrrr bobby is a steaming pile of shit company that is going bankrupt and that's why SI remains high. RC is long gone bro.

  25. This could be true as well. Maybe in 6 months when Ryan is able to speak about it, he’ll say something like it was his first failure, that the board was too stubborn and his appointees didn’t have any sway. Or he didn’t have the resources for a turn around and the company was too far gone.

  26. Bobby is not GME, not even remotely close. The play is dead. Its liquid af.

  27. It already mooned dumbass. The play is done

  28. AMC is a garbage company that will NEVER squeeze

  29. OK and your point? The FTX bankruptcy will barely cause a bump in the market world. These large institutions have trillions and trillions of dollars AUM. 2 billion in FTX losses is peanuts. If anything it'll draw more money away from crypto markets and into the securities and derivatives markets.

  30. Brainless and pointless aren't the words I would use to describe this post. I thought the date he joined was interesting, as the sneeze was not long after him joining FTX. You probably have a better grasp on things, I don't know much about financials or economics. I do know that there's a lot of Rico speculation, could be GME related or not.

  31. Oh geez..we got ourselves a Superstonker here😒 lol

  32. You can't compare APRN to MMAT. I lost a shite ton with APRN but the lens on MMAT is different in terms of the company's business outlook.and industry, institutional holders, and this week's Gamma pressure. Unless this thing takes a huge nosedive, MM will need to acquire shares or borrow an assload of shares from brokers to cover. The next couple of days will determine if this thing rockets or slow climbs. Either way it looks good to me.

  33. What do you think today was? Shorts closing their obligations and MM hedging. And MM's don't need to borrow shares from anybody. Wtf, they're the MM dumbass, they make the markets😂. The misinformed people in this sub is comical. Once obligations are met and institutions close their calls, then MM will flip its hedge and dump on retail.

  34. I'm curious why you feel that Icahn involving himself in $BBBY is a ludicrous idea?

  35. The bobby idiots are out in full force today

  36. I think you’re getting the inflation rate and the core inflation rate confused. The inflation rate includes basically everything consumers buy. Core inflation excludes energy and food from the rate calculation. They exclude food and energy due to the volatility pricing to give a more accurate inflation rate. For example, a heat wave wiping out the wheat crop or a cold winter could cause prices in food and energy to rise. This rise would be temporary and wouldn’t be cause for the Fed to raise rates and cool the economy.

  37. "More accurate inflation rate"😂. Good one 👍 lol. Actual inflation rate is probably 25-30%. But of course they changed the way they calculate it so it doesn't look so bad Lol

  38. Let's see they got a new partnership announcement with LG they're going to have corporate updates on the other recent partnership with Mitsubishi and Dupont, they have a grand opening next week on the 17th with earnings this week on the 9th and 10t, good luck on that buddy

  39. Nah. Def will be an earnings dump.

  40. Garbage company that'll miss on earnings. Hence institutions will dump.

  41. The Bobby bag holders crack me up😂

  42. How heavy are those bags....😬

  43. I wouldn't say it's off the table. BBBY needs to perform. But the beauty of this play is that the risk is much less than holding equity, and the cost is actually lower (in the event of conversion)

  44. People are STILL talking and about Bobby. Good lord😂. Cut your losses and move on. The play had been over for months.

  45. No one is selling their shares. The short interest has moved from 15% to more than 50% of the float. The only people with negative sentiment towards the company are short the stock. Price to sales is 0.13 and price to book is 0.65. This stock is massively undervalued.

  46. Thats not true at all. Alot of people and institutions have sold and took profits. And they continue to short because it's a dieing garbage company that nobody uses anymore. You can just have food delivered to you so many different ways. A weekly service isn't needed. Plus you short on top of a receceeding market when no obligations are due. Free and easy money.

  47. I'd hope buyout news would move the stock more than 15 cents. Lol

  48. Someone is selling their shares, even if you aren’t. For every one zen person who tells me they are still holding there are 10 that are gone forever and will never even see this post.

  49. Why are you even trying to argue with the brainless SS idiots. Everyone with more than 2 brain cells knows DRS doesn't do anything besides cost retail money and make computershare a shit ton of money.

  50. The replies on here make me feel like I'm on SS😂

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