Kinda sad how taxes work

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  1. 100% my same thoughts. I thought the story was a step down from the first and I kept thinking to myself why I even care about abby and just the whole story.

  2. fun fact: the guy that gave death threats turned out to be a lou2 fan doing it to make critics look bad

  3. Ur complaining about the advertising and now ur saying ham fisted, can u explain how it’s ham fisted?

  4. I already did. im not going to repeat myself.

  5. I liked it when nightwave was a little more than a glorified checklist.

  6. bitter spray reaches them on the towers just fyi

  7. Apart from wollywogs, sheargrubs are rather annoying because of the glitch that makes them invincible when they have a pikmin in their mouth

  8. YES. I HATE that bug! (The enemy and glitch.)

  9. No, but I'm pretty sure they take McDonald's coupons

  10. ill take it over having to defend four nodes and one of them gives all enemies speed boost. cause that's fun! a speed boosted demolition with fifty effing sentients firing lasers!

  11. I swear 343 fans will find any way to cope about this.

  12. Or maybe 343 have shown themselves consistently incapable of delivering a content complete Halo experience so the meagre offerings they launched with didn't hold fans attention?

  13. Got to love the guy replying to you literally proving your point.

  14. i completed all the left side item collections just so i could stay on the right side: also this confirms rhino being chad.

  15. Two is a little much. I would condense the two into one personally.

  16. not really no. two comments is perfectly fine.

  17. I just personally think it's a little much. Oh well, nothing much I can do. Disregard my previous replies and have a nice day/night.

  18. Damn so weird that it works in other countries tho huh ? … In the long run it will make them loose less money especially the ones that get sick often. Its really not that hard to understand. Do you think people in Europe just make healthcare money appear out of thin air. But yeah let the US gov send 15 billion more to the ukraine or spend it on tanks.

  19. really? you mean other countries as big ad populated as the us? or have a fraction of its population? and no, it doesnt work as taxes are insanely high there. Also who said anything about ukraine? i hate that all are tax dollars are being pissed away to there.

  20. By people paying for mandatory health insurance like in any other country? What kind of question is that. Maybe even cut down the military budget somewhat and make it more affordable. There are a ton of ways

  21. So your solution to people being able to afford medical bills is to hike taxes so everyone has to pay for mandatory universal insurance, which will cause them to lose even more money.

  22. Just be happy you can see what the weapon is before making them into a litch. We didn't get that luxury beforehand.

  23. This would just make me want to say something even more. >:)

  24. i like rhino as he can be both sword and shield

  25. Probably best you go back in a coma and keep the memories you have.

  26. Yeah, OP seems like either a 12 year old (breaking TOS) or a troll. Maybe a COD fanboy who got lost, nothing wrong with COD but parts of their community seem to lack critical thinking.

  27. we just ignoring they keep a pet infested in a public area?

  28. Fashions the real endgame here. There’s some damn creative people here and I love it

  29. Just check out my rhino prime for example! (Yes this is a shameless plug.)

  30. He look like he about to model on a balenciaga show

  31. no, theyd have to be in the operator form for that

  32. Ordis has missed you. The Lotus has missions for you. There are new friends to make.

  33. Ordis misses you! Lotus misses you! Even Alad V misses you!

  34. its massively changes since then. i play on switch but there's crossplay now! so id you need help getting back in, im happy to help :)

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