1. I think this is just taken to an extreme. A lot of men like to feel they have some authority over the household. It's not overwhelming authority, but if I'm the one who has to get out of bed if there's a bump in the night, I should probably be the one who has final say. Of course, I take her thoughts into account, as a reasonable and responsible partner should, but if we can't agree and compromise is not possible, the decision needs to be made either way.

  2. Fresh and Fit podcast. They speak like/use the same example as you to describe wanting power over another adult.

  3. I hate the 'but girls will never admit this' shtick. They say it a lot. It's spreading a message that women's words are meaningless and that they should persevere regardless. Creepy.

  4. Yes, absolutely! We secretly hate our jobs/educations/friendships/travel opportunities. /s

  5. I hope that the ones who believe in 'pair bonding' get more and more confidence to say it aloud on dates and promptly get rejected.

  6. That's copied from that idiot Zuby who appears on manosphere podcasts. They're not even original.

  7. The response is just annoying in how inaccurate it is, but the initial post is so arrogant. I hope he is one of the 30% of sexless guys.

  8. What happened on the Titanic - the Birkenhead drill - wasn't the universal procedure. In a lot of other disasters, it seems to have been 'every man for himself', and women suffered due to their relative lack of strength/restrictive clothing etc. So the crew were the most likely to survive, then regular men, then women, then children.

  9. Someone should tell him that shy doesn't always mean easy to manipulate. We often stay quiet and let the bs highlight itself, so we know who to stay away from.

  10. Yeah, a lot of people stay quiet at first, especially with people they don't know, and observe everything. They aren't shy. They're taking everything in.

  11. This guy singlehandedly cured my shyness. I don't wanna be attractive to this type of guy.

  12. I know, if anything it pushes shy, sweet wholesome types to put on a front so that they aren't targeted.

  13. I'll believe that when I stop seeing articles about lonely single friendless depressed men every week.

  14. Serious question, how do people come across these posts? Is it hate following people because I never get posts like this and this doesn’t look like it was posted by someone’s crazy uncle or whatever

  15. For some of the ones I posted I went down a rabbit hole of the accounts that retweet each other and found this.

  16. Lol, the projection is thick. I feel like we only ever uncover more and more cases through history of men taking credit for women’s art/science/work because they could in a world where women aren’t taken seriously. In my experience, as someone with a successful career, I’ve only ever had Ex-partners try to take advantage as I dragged them along like an anchor

  17. More manosphere nonsense. It’s something they tell themselves because the truth - that being hateful misogynists is why we don’t like them - doesn’t flatter their egos. It’s easier to say that they’re too good/nice for us. Facts don’t matter.

  18. It's also that their resentment leads them to want to mistreat women, so they try to package it as, 'well, we're giving them what they want/respond to.' 🤮

  19. What probably happened is that he wasn't getting attention from women. He has bulked up, or started to go to the gym to bulk up, and is still not getting attention from women. Now he is lashing out at women for some of us changing what we're 'supposed' to be attracted to.

  20. They get so giddy at the idea of us not having proper support in one another.

  21. Sees a problem with submission Involves family and friends in business

  22. I never want to be married to someone who uses the expression, 'wifed up/she deserves to be wifed up.'

  23. how long will it take these men to realise that the more women are established in the workforce the less young women want to go for old ugly men no matter how much money they are throwing? Women dont prefer wrinkly skin and grey hair... going for older men just stems from the desire to have enough ressources when you get pregnant.

  24. I agree that there will be fewer transactional marriages based on how many opportunities/chances at financial independence women are gaining, but even in the past when women had to marry more pragmatically, women typically married close to their age.

  25. Ok how many times has the gay booger eating Nazi been on Pearls “show” and how can this dumb bitch just sit by while this fucking goblin says this dumb shit. She’s obviously a massive piece of shit but she literally just let that sentient cum stain talk…

  26. She dates black men, has black people on her show constantly, yet says little when interacting with a racist man for views. She has no integrity.

  27. Keep telling yourself that, 'good guy'. Your time will surely come.

  28. Thank God each and every day more and more women have the opportunity not to be traditional then.

  29. They can't figure out if they want women drafted for equality or if they want women to stay out of the military so they have a bang maid to come home to. Meanwhiles, There's women serving and risking their lives, undergoing harassment and SA on top of PTSD from battle so these MRAs don't have to. So they can sit at home and complain about women being in the military and how unfair the draft is.

  30. That 'masculine energy for the intruder in the house can't be switched off so a woman's feminine energy shouldn't either' is from Myron on F&F.

  31. If this man who looks 30-40 in his profile picture has actually dated more than 1000 people his life must already be hell and there’s nothing more we can do to hurt him.

  32. The man in the picture is an actor from the show Lucifer. The man writing is anonymous.

  33. Tired of people portraying their kinks in a way that’s supposed to come across as caring about “tradition”. This applies to the manosphere alpha male type, and the self proclaimed tradwife type. It’s all kink. The women on tumblr 10 years ago were doing it, now it’s the men. Too many people being deceived

  34. Yes, for so many, it's an absolute kink, but they don't wajt to acknowledge it, so they call it 'natural'.

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