1. Indeed the skills are epic but not useful for this type of hero. I would say 30% elementary attack is not attractive. And blade is so difficult to get good skills - I tried more than 30 times and cannot have a hero that is making sense.

  2. Spellblades are absolutely worth keeping around, just not as a primary barrier breaker. Ideally, you want to have a full squad of four for each element (including Champions), with Spellblades filling in any holes or providing backup barrier breaking. Say you run into a Wind barrier in LCoG. Sia, a Ranger, and two Dancers can deal with Wind barriers normally, but there are two extra hero slots in LCoG. Cycle in a pair of Spellblades and you're set.

  3. If you mean gold to gems via the market, then the more from a single item increases both the risk and potential gain.

  4. I'm still waiting to get on my game haven't seen my shop since 3-22-2022. I'm probably kicked out of my guild bcuz of being inactive.

  5. How did you make it work? I tried making space on my android + deleting cache + trying to download the updated file on internet and it still dosen't work for me :/

  6. I had the exact same thing happen. The king came in to "announce" lost city of gold and it completely reset all progress to 0.

  7. I think our union could not finish it. Will just give up directly 🥺

  8. It depends your max hero level. Most new players they could only have 29 - 33 level heros. In this case, soldier is a good thing to upgrade because they can have the fourth skill in 29! That is a very good protection in quest.

  9. That is the short ratio. For example, in a trading day, the total volume is 100 shares. If the short ratio for this day is 50%, that means 50 shares traded of these shares are shorted, they are borrowed by someone to trade.

  10. Same here. Glad to see others are also having this problem.

  11. haha... but will we?! I imagine that even in the next world we will be able to see what's going on...

  12. If we talk about the current price was actually the reflection of the assumed growth compared to 2019, another explosion must be lied on another rapid growth expectations that is actually lacking. The backlog is actually a digested information

  13. I was invested in SPWR for a good 5 years...it had a massive backlog...best in its class Solar tech, however; not Cash flow positive (talking circa 2020) SPWR jumped big time last year after Bidens election...Now Google Jim Oneil (OEG CEO)...He was named Fortune 500 CEO of the year...Read some of the interviws/articles on the web relating to him...impressive thinker... OEG is going to be cash flow positive shortly...Oneil said an impressive inflection point will occur when OEG is making 22.5M/quarter....wait for it!

  14. Understand what you mean and I think most of the people invested in OEG believe Oneil. Wish OEG receive positive cash flow as you said.

  15. I think pmp is only one of the methodologies. You can try other jobs to enrich your career

  16. I am holding more than 5500 shares at around 0.7. Good to see this piece of information.

  17. Interesting . The same time last year everyone thought this was the end of the world. And then a fucking rebound. I will now only look at the fed balance sheet, as long as money is printing, stonks will only go up

  18. Do they give you any time to fiddle around with the exam features before the exam starts?

  19. U will have 7 minutes to join the introduction for exam introduction

  20. Congrats. Yeah I didn’t I use the tools at all. I did try the strike through I think it was the W key but it didn’t even work and I didn’t want to waste time messing with it. Maybe it wanted the capital w or something idk. But it really wasn’t needed anyway.

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