1. The Jets are gonna regret firing MLF once Saleh & his buddy Hackett are gone after failing to hit their implied playoff mandate next season and MLF ends up with a Head coaching gig in a few years.

  2. Oh good grief how long of a leash should we have given him? He needs somewhere he can grow as a coach, which is why this is a great spot for him

  3. Two seasons with Zach Wilson at QB and a very barren offense around him to start out isn't a very long leash.

  4. He simply wasn’t ready to be the OC of a team with a defensive HC that had a raw highly drafted QB to develop. He’s bright and young so I’m sure he has a future in this league, especially developing under Mcvay

  5. So DJ is going to lead Oregon State to the playoffs but couldn’t with Clemsons roster? I would love to see it but not sure about that one

  6. So Joe Burrow is going to lead LSU to the playoffs but couldn’t with Ohio State’s roster? I would love to see it but not sure about that one

  7. Well that settles it then, what was I thinking?

  8. Best he was going to get was a mid-range bridge type deal. Nobody was gonna sign an anchor contract with Jones.

  9. Idk where you’ve been but he could receive as much as 30-40m per year

  10. (From the article about Elijah Moore)

  11. Robert Saleh saw a tweet in September that stuck with him. It pointed out that legendary basketball coach John Wooden didn’t win his first national title until his 16th season at UCLA, that Starbucks’ massive growth took more than a decade, and ended with this line: Be persistent. Success takes time.

  12. Important to note, the guy he is referring to when he says “we got OUR guy” is Dowell Loggains.

  13. Not that it was a good hire or that I’m happy about it but I think with what we know at this point loggains actually WAS the guy Shane wanted. We have nothing credible he offered the job to anyone else

  14. Do you understand that Brian Hartline is a better assistant than any one that Clemson has had?

  15. Better than Venables? Let’s let him prove himself at the coordinator level before we say that chief

  16. Love this move thank the lord, don’t expect much of a splash hire at OC though. I will guess it’ll be Jeff Scott

  17. Prepare for 3 more posts in the next hour throwing out random stats that prove Fields is, in fact, is the worst passer to ever step foot on an NFL field.

  18. Why do people take it so personally with Justin Fields criticism? The bears have the #1 pick and an unproven QB who wasn’t drafted by Poles. It’s a fair discussion but apparently we can’t talk about it because..?

  19. No, it just got insanely obnoxious. Like weirdly obnoxious, I have no idea where it even came from, its such a stark contrast from a few weeks ago. Its also pretty obvious who hasnt been paying attention the whole year

  20. The obnoxiousness I get, I mean everyone here wanted Zach Wilson drawn and quartered for not taking accountability. I think the big difference over the last few weeks is the Bears surprisingly got the #1 overall pick and now its a fair and spirited debate to discuss who would be the better QB to move forward with

  21. Teams really got to stop falling for December to March combine/media hype risers.

  22. This is wildly incorrect. Do we all forget the eagles considering trading into the top 3 if he was there? Or how about the 49ers being linked to him when people still thought it would go Trevor/Fields at 1-2. He rose for sure, but he was going to be a top 5 pick if the Jets didn’t take him at 2. Meanwhile Fields didn’t even go top 10, there were legitimate reasons to taking zach and legitimate reasons Fields fell. Is everyones memory that short?

  23. Random question - Why is every word capitalized?

  24. I like to think it looks cleaner and ive noticed better engagement since doing it

  25. Thank you brotha happy holidays

  26. Is it lazy and copium to say this kid is getting a bag whenever big programs miss out on a recruit? Or did this defensive back actually get 2 million dollars to sign with Oregon…

  27. Can the mods stop the seemingly endless stream of obj non news? Like truthfully does anyone care until he signs with a team?

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