1. Thanks, Simon. Hopefully the Twitter fans will listen.

  2. oh god.... they look really bad. what color is zayto wearing? gray?

  3. I liked the art for the suits, but now that I’m seeing the actual suits themselves, I’m a bit more iffy on them. They seem a little plain. Maybe my thoughts will change when seeing them on the show

  4. They just need some shine in them like the Sentai suits and the concept arts

  5. Delta Accel Synchro Summon! Cosmic Blazar Dragon!

  6. So Arthur could be gender of choice, but not MC? Okay

  7. https://mobile.twitter.com/monmondx99/status/1606605465185845249

  8. "The incident in the American town of Innsmouth."

  9. "Sphere's full invasion on Earth begins❗Don't lose, Decker, let's fight alongside Trigger‼️"

  10. I....I do not know how to feel. On one hand, very cool. On the other, can Jack please get proper representation??

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