1. Pascal to the suns would be so good, I want 3 future firsts, unprotected, give us crowder and another bench guy like shamet or Okogie and call it a deadline.

  2. Fuck I love you all. I’m so excited. March can’t come soon enough.

  3. god i hate you all for even floating the idea of trading OG. To give the keys of the franchise to scottie, pascal has to be traded, end of story. The right team that’s looking for a 2 like Pascal was when Kawhi was here is going to give up a kings ransom for that, picks, young commodities and role players for our bench.

  4. Think okc would part with lots of picks for pascal to pair him with shai ?

  5. Yes I think they would, they’d have the best package we want. For the perfect pairing they’ll overpay. The Mavs would over pay but they don’t have anything appealing.

  6. Eric, we don’t want you to die, Eric give life a try, Eric oh god no Eric

  7. the one with barbrady getting fired n not being able to take care of his dog, shit actually makes me tear up

  8. Espinal is our best defensive short stop on the team. Idk why people wanna trade him. Had a great first half but he got too many ABs in the year n he slowed down. He’s not a 500 AB player.

  9. it’s actually crazy because they made a whole bunch of moves the year before last and everyone thought they’d be crazy. But as soon as they upgrade defensively at catcher by moving sanchez and get a sure handed gold glove short stop in IKF they turn into a top 2 team in the AL.

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