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5 months ago, GME had a fake pump to $35. 1.5 months ago, GME was trading around $25. How is GME possibly worth less now after they released killer earnings and have a ridiculous balance sheet, with 20% of its market cap coming solely from their cash holdings...🤔🤔🤔

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  1. Ah shit, that's my problem. I'm wasting all this money every month on my mortgage payment instead of living rent-free. I'm such a fool.

  2. Budgeting can be the catalyst to all those other things. I don’t budget anymore but it helped me open my eyes to how much money I was wasting when I needed to be paying off debt.

  3. A 3-5 year period is an emergency fund. You don't gamble with an emergency fund, you try and match inflation in a safer but boring investment.

  4. Just wait for the price to go down to $15. Also, you could be selling covered calls to get extra shares. If buying in groups of 100, use cash secured puts. The DRS movement is keeping poor people poor.

  5. People are selling. That’s unfortunate since the company is about to turn around.

  6. lol it was so hilarious watching you annoy Gherk on stream and then him banning you.

  7. That’s nothing. They would need to increase that much more. I’d rather they invest in an acquisition at bargain prices.

  8. It was a sad day when I realized the US government is just one big pile of organized crime.

  9. No MOASS if not enough calls come in. Anti options sentiment ruined any chance for MOASS. DRS is a distraction, just like popcorn and towel stock.

  10. Wut , i c nuthing wRong with there typin . May bee u shude lurn two spell .

  11. Your loss is your own fault. I see you posting in Celsius and Nexo forums too. Betting your money in crypto is hugely risky and anyone with common sense knew that.

  12. Don’t conflate crypto with a brokerage that went under do to fraud by one of their lenders. Crypto itself is not that risky.

  13. This lawsuit will bring even more attention to these scumbags.

  14. I use my GPUs to heat my home in the winter. I’ll have to shit them off when the a/c goes on.

  15. Price suppression. They are potentially f-ed with T+2 from the run. So either Friday or Monday it’ll resolve. Depends on how many calls come in though.

  16. This cash with little debt and positive EPS will serve them well in an economic downturn. Funny thing is, GME is one of the healthiest companies out there.

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