1. Crack is the absolute worst. Chased that dragon for years and brought me nothing but misery. I hope you keep on the path fren. It’s much more peaceful on the other side

  2. Yeah I don’t know of any recordings of Type 2 ABB jams

  3. I absolutely loved the trumpet solo Rashawn played on that 2006 Fenway live trax. I really felt this song showcased his tremendous soloing/musicality/power behind the horn to the fans, cementing him as an extremely worthy new member at the time.

  4. I was considering seeing him in Phili. Not totally sold on the group. Some songs hit so hard, but many are just filler for me. But I imagine live would be a completely different story

  5. Goose is absolutely terrible and I don't recommend any one waste their time on it. Though I'm sure I'll try again in 6 months like I've been doing

  6. If you play around in the source code of the store you come across an html reference to the album:

  7. No clue but I’m guessing the new album will be announced around the same time as 2023 tour dates drop later this month. My guess would be for an album title. Something with the word Break in it since I assume Break Free and Break For It will be on there.

  8. Bro did the same thing sending a jump way too far while on acid. Took 18 months before I could lift weights again. Hopefully you heal quicker though

  9. Yeah that place looks legit. Naturally attendees would pay them directly for tent/cabin sites.

  10. Yeah pairing super affordable acts to pair with em is a super key part to keeping it affordable.

  11. They even have RV parking, car parking, general parking, sober/family camping area, regular camping area. A lake to cool off in, pool, etc… would be the perfect spot and it’s right smack in the middle of the Northeast corridor. Super accessible. If you can make this happen every year I would be forever indebted to you as I live 10 minutes away. Search Ramble Festival for the grounds map

  12. I went to my first Goose show in summer 21 without knowing a single one of their songs. I loved the whole show, but made a special note to check the setlist for one song that really caught my ear. It was Seekers.

  13. I still don’t think they have this song on Spotify just checked the Goose catalog

  14. Please note that if you get scammed by a reddit account, there is nothing the mod staff can do for you. We strongly recommend against buying tickets directly from reddit.

  15. This almost happened to me last week. But backed out last second. Only CashorTrade for me going forward

  16. Think about it. Those seats are for ADA people. Not you. Understand wanting to be close, but yo can still get close seats so you need to leave them for other disables goats 🐐

  17. It’s got nothing to do with being close. Just want to be with my disabled friend. But I’m gonna get other seats and maybe swap with one of his daughters for part of it.

  18. I meant close with your friends but ya leave them for handicap folks

  19. Why are the dates like this. That does not make sense

  20. I thought the same thing. Some genius made the 11 look like a 17 and they went to print with it

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