1. This is what makes jam bands so special in my opinion. The ability to non-verbally communicate on stage and be on the same page almost seems like they’re reading each other’s minds sometimes. I play guitar myself, but to communicate at the level that these musicians do while in the middle of a crazy jam is still amazing to me. You gotta be real close with your bandmates to be able to flow like that together. It really is like a conversation between the instruments

  2. So hyped for this one. Borderland is really stepping up their game

  3. The producers who throw this event also do a wonderful job with Borderland Festival & Cobblestone Live!

  4. True! I have been to both Rail Rider’s and Cobblestone. Thinking this might be my first year at Borderland because they just announced Goose Friday night

  5. For anyone who wants to check it out, Dark Star posted some pics as well as the Rail Rider Jamboree Instagram page. Totally awesome, but very very cold

  6. I know he used to be straight edge when he was younger because Stevie Ray Vaughan was his guitar hero and Stevie had addiction problems, John didn’t want to go down that path. However after being in the band for like 8 years and now having his own song about “who says I can’t get stoned” I feel like there’s no way the boys haven’t gotten him to dose by now. Also idk if it’s just me but his playing seemed to get much more psychedelic on the last tour compared to others. Think he might’ve indulged a bit

  7. Dark Star Orchestra. They sound like the Dead, like pretty much spot on. They’ve played more shows than the Dead did. Obviously the dead are the greatest and did it first, but in terms of musicality and jamming DSO hits the nail on the head every time. They get into those classic dead jams that everyone knows and loves and they do it so tasteful. I wasn’t born to see Jerry so DSO is the closest experience I can get to a real dead show, and after talking with many older heads who saw Jerry, I can confirm that they get pretty damn close

  8. Freedom of choice brah. Marcus chooses to go on tour with Kid rock (who is an asshat) and people can choose to cancel him.

  9. Canceling isn’t a real thing bro. By “canceling” him do you realize how much more publicity he is getting? I’ve seen Marcus mentioned more times in this subreddit the last day than anyone else. Love it or hate it, doing things like touring with kid rock can be a publicity move. He just gained himself a bunch more attention🤷🏼‍♂️

  10. Billy Strings and Derek Trucks trading off lead, Bob Weir in his prime on rhythm. Les Claypool on bass, Carter Beauford and Jay Lane on drums. Marco Benovento and Page McConnell on keys. Don’t think this is the BEST by any means but it would be pretty damn cool and it came to mind first. Would go to that show🤙🏼

  11. I don’t hate Mayer ? Just don’t want people speaking on behalf of jerry.

  12. Goose on the same tier as the freaking Grateful Dead gives an irrational amount of rage , sorry to be mean

  13. I get where you’re coming from for sure but in terms of popularity and growth Goose is quickly rising the ranks in today scene. They will end up being the band to see once Phish and the rest are done

  14. Goose is a fine band, I’ve seen them live a few times, but I just don’t understand the hype. To each their own.. I don’t see any bands anywhere close to Panic, Phish, or even cheese for that matter.. Billy Strings being the only possible exception I’ve seen over the last 20 years.. Maybe I’ve just seen bad Goose shows (NYE this year, legend valley run etc) but they wouldn’t be in my top 20 jam bands

  15. That’s fair, to each their own. However times are a-changing and goose is the new aged jam band. I’m a younger guy and goose is more aligned with my generation. The Dead will always be THE band and my favorite, but I’m glad that there is a young band out there that is willing to learn and improvise on a high level every show. Goose has come a long way even after just a few years and they’re only getting better. I wasn’t lucky enough to be able to see bands like the Dead and ABB, so I’ll take what I get, and goose is a pretty damn good band.

  16. Yes he does. Ever watched the show Silicon Valley? Gilfoyle.

  17. I see your point, however if that’s the argument then like half of the people I see at shows in the jam scene look like they work at google haha

  18. Half of all jam heads Look like Google employees. The other half Look like edgy Starbucks baristas, with their dreadlocks and sass. Telling me I ordered a vinte not a talle. Now I gotta only have Two shots on top cuz Kyle with the nose ring is too distracted mentally cataloguing setlists to recall my order. Oh you can remember the song order of 37 shows but not that I asked for oat milk? Seriously?

  19. Boombox version of shakedown street transitioned to The Dead

  20. 22 - Billy Strings currently - Yes seen them once so far

  21. I would love to see Marcus King or Dark Star Orchestra this year

  22. I did and it was awesome. Definitely a little weird at first being alone and standing in line without friends to talk with. I’m pretty introverted so I was a little weary of going at first. Once the music started though none of that mattered. I will be going to the next show near me for sure

  23. Daniel Donato’s Cosmic Country is great. Double Exposure at Peach Fest 2022 on YouTube is awesome

  24. Weird. They are playing down the road from me tonight and I've never heard of them. Will explore and probably kick my own ass for not attending.

  25. Ahhh man. If only you saw my post earlier. Check out his cover of Fire on the Mountain or the one I suggested before

  26. Wouldn’t say he’s my favorite, but I thought I’d throw Ben Carrey from PPPP out here. Dude lays down some of the grooviest funky bass lines I’ve heard. He always surprises me when I see them

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