1. My guess is that it was a color thing but they forgot it was a coloring book

  2. Because they making a 50 episode kids show with a “relatively” small budget.

  3. The twins are ultraseven/ Ichigo and Zero/ Nigo

  4. The Shin series of movies are amazing. They deserve the top spot. Taking classic pop culture icons and remaking them for the new age, while still respecting the source material in nearly every way possible. (Take notes western adaptations)

  5. Bootleg Man Niisan looks good still. Fight me

  6. The games themselves weren't exactly anything special, either, with the main one, Mighty Action X, being a generic 2-D side-scrolling beat-em-up resembling a SNES game at best... which supposedly took at least eleven years to develop and wasn't released until 2011, which in real life was the very tail end of the seventh generation (PS3/Xbox 360/Wii).

  7. I like the idea that Genm corp makes games primarily based on nostalgic style games of the early days. The Bugsters/ bad guy gashats being mostly modern game genres (Horror, Dating sim, etc)

  8. Context: Artist for Among us’ flash web game series. Basically choose your own adventure with video game/movie references all over. 4th entry in series is “Infiltrating the Airship”.

  9. British people laughing at Americans for using a system they invented and made mainstream in U.S.

  10. I know some kid is gonna immediately try and break it.

  11. How Ironic they want to burn Farenheit 451

  12. Say what you will about fursuiters. I have nothing but respect for protogen creators. Seriously you gotta be a god damn engineer to make these

  13. The little Ultraman slam sound at the end

  14. Toei really isn’t a chad so long as they keep making it difficult for Kamen Rider and Sentai to improve their Western following

  15. Toei is inbetween Chad and Soyjack. They do scummy things but their content is still better than DC or Marvel

  16. As a Quest Player when did all this stuff get added to Siberia

  17. It’s chinese data mining. Stop using it. No seriously it can take your data and info. Also there’s mostly dumb trends anyway

  18. Tipping should be a bonus for doing a good job, not a requirement and a way to pay workers less

  19. Your building a Figure rise standard and the piece you needed is lost and/or broken

  20. Bandai Namco's old logo was iconic. The new one is so dreadfully boring.

  21. Still better than non game company logo designs

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