1. I don't think he's so much in a corner. I think he's woven so many inspirations into the story that making them line up without making them obvious or working against eachother may be challenging him. I think perhaps in some ways he's struggling with trying to craft the story while still having it feel like his own might be what's slowing him down.

  2. I wouldn't mind your take on a different reference to Stannis. The stone reference is very good. His personality is definitely stony. But there is a use of the term stannis that I've always felt should apply, but have never found a satisfying explanation.

  3. Interesting question. These may have been promises to Robert. Though I can can see them being promises to Ashara. Even more less likely, going down the list, they might be promises to his Father or Arryn. Broken promises that he believes led perhaps to the rebellion or to what he sacrificed to keep promises to Lyanna and Catelyn.

  4. Two thoughts. The point of the poem. Would you feel more satisfied if you killed someone desire or more if it was because of hate? War is war. Whether it's to win back your betrothed (Rhaegar/Robert), or because you were insulted (Tywin), it's the death of hundreds or thousands. For desire/love or because of hate, your victory will always be bittersweet.

  5. While working a manager in a restaurants i encountered two "bartenders" that left me speechless.

  6. For a good reasoning of history and legend, there is a reply by BlackSwan here.

  7. Yes and no... it's a bad answer. I can see it, but I'm not sure how likely it is. He may or may not have had a role in it, but may not have instigated it... hope that makes sense...

  8. I think that like many things in the books, it wouldn’t have been brought up if GRRM wasn’t already thinking about it himself. Regardless of it being a “scattering of seeds” in his gardening, he thought it important enough to mention between two prominent characters right after a very interesting dream, and a dream that leads Jaime back to Brienne.

  9. I don't know if you've ever read it, but if you can find or download a copy of Dreamsongs, this is almost exactly what you would take away from The Exit to San Breta. A scene you can't really interact with, but get to watch. In this a ghost is sort of treated as if the person died to traumaticly that their spirit simply can't process that death happened. It's locked reliving/replaying the moment. Without the brain to process and understand death happened the ghost can't resolve the moment. It feels a lot like the ghosts of Harrenhall. Because they died so traumaticly they can't realize they died so they keep going through the trauma.

  10. Oooooh that’s so interesting! I never have, I was actually annoyed the other day at the bookstore that they didn’t have any of his non-ASOIAF/Targaryen works. But I’m gonna have to order Dreamsongs!

  11. I am quite confident Jon and Mel will never go down that road. Reanimated for one, he will be unable to do it.

  12. Benjen left for the Wall before Catelyn arrived (interview). There would have been no indication when he joined the Watch of how Jon's presence in Winterfell would be treated by her. Not that he couldn't have done it, the reason just wouldn't apply.

  13. Best guess, having a wheelchair would have denied us the foreshadowing. Bran being carried in Hodor's arms or in the basket sort of suggests Bran skinchanging Hodor. Being carried by him. Perhaps even Hodor having a "monkey on his back" too. A wheeled chair doesn't do as good as job of foreshadowing Bran skinchanging Hodor.

  14. Hmmm... ok... it's not the story I want... but I do find the arguments convincing... darnit...

  15. Sorry, I didn't mean in the context of killing Bran. I'm not trying to find an alternative to your theory about Robert. Robert is definitely the only "fool" that your Fool Code could be applied to for who killed Bran.

  16. Jon didn’t unite shit. The Vale came for Sansa. Davos recruited more northern houses than Jon did to fight the Boltons. The rest of north later came out of immediate self preservation from the Others- not Jon. The lannisters/Tyrells/Dorne/Riverlands/Stormlands don’t do shit. Dany and her forces come because she personally saw the threat of Others and lost a dragon to them. The only people that come for Jon are the wildlings.

  17. Well, we know Howland went there. So from time to time some people obviously do and they survive.

  18. It's not impossible. I wouldn't expect it from the somewhat OCD person that gets described.

  19. I've been thinking about this since your other comment. It's not a bad idea. There are a few other directions it can go as well. The blind god for one. Trees awake but without eyes. Like the blind fish mentioned as well.

  20. I would like to learn more about the Undying Ones intentions. Through Dany's lens they seem evil but are they? Arguably Mirri Maz Duur did the right thing, she stopped a future mass murderer. And Dany didn't refute any of her points.

  21. You've given me a different angle to look at it from. Dany's take has always bothered me. The other thing I have a issue with is that it seems odd to me that if the Undying can show Dany so much of the future, how the heck do they miss Dany and Drogon burning them all? It seemed like production value. As Mel tells us, the first thing she looks for is danger to her self. The had to know what Drogon would do.

  22. This is not a pure disagreement. In fact, I don't think it's a bad prediction at all. While I do believe the most likely is Sansa, who given your own references is a closer match to Alys and Mad Danelle. Cat is most likely looking for Arya to crown, and I would guess suspects the bastard daughter of the new Lord Paramount is actually Sansa. She knows Petyr has no bastards. Getting Bran from as far north as he is to Harrenhall, before Stoneheart can have Brienne retrieve Sansa sounds like a bit of a challange.

  23. I agree with your conclusion about Sansa. She's certainly running the champion checklist that both Jon and Dany are. She's well positioned to somehow gain the Wildlings of the Vale, BwB, and knights of the Vale as her army. The easiest prediction I can make is that there will be a conflict during the Tourney to name Sweetrobin's guard. During/after which Sansa will escape as Dany escaped into the Dothraki sea. Sansa will then return with a some form of support that allows her to gain command of the the Vale. My guess is that Catelyn will crown her and her rule will garther around Harrenhall. Though there is a small chance it will remain in the Vale.

  24. She is several heartbeats away, considering several living heirs are involved. Moreover, she is wanted for the very serious crime of kingslaying. She'd have to prove her innocence. Moreover, since Robb has has seemingly written her out of his will, if it comes to light there goes the North. Considering her chat with Petyr about the curse of Harrenhal, I wonder if she'd want it. Besides, Joffrey is dead, and as far as his opponents are concerned, the traditional Lord Paramount of the Trident title probably reverts to Edmure Tully, who lives (and possibly his child will too). Robert Arryn and Harry the Heir also live. I do think she may rule one kingdom. The Westerlands would be quite ironic, but Tyrion coming home and proving his innocence would ruin that.

  25. I disagree about Robb's will. We have no direct evidence Sansa isn't named. My argument is that Catelyn was simply named his heirmaker. In fact, while a considerable amount of the conversation was devoted to taking about Jon, Cat also made an early observation some might consider foreshadowing. She told Robb that there were potential female line Starks in three families in the Vale. Robb dismissed it because they would not have been raised in the North. At the time, Robb's objection was reasonable. But, as we can see, Sansa is now hiding in the Vale. One of those Vale families with a potential Stark is house Waynwood which has produced Harry the Heir. As it stands now, the best possible choice for heir is Sansa and she is in the Vale exactly where Cat suggested the best place to find an heir was. Further, there is potential for Sansa to marry Harry the Heir, who is the most likely only living male trueborn heir to a female line. So while it may have seemed as if Jon was being pushed by Robb, the part of the conversation that gets ignored basically pointed directly where Sansa would end up.

  26. Gargoyles are traced back to St Romanus, 7th century. The bishop of Rouen. With the help of a condemned man defeated a dragon named Le Gargouille. The body of the beast was burned, the fire could not destroy its head and neck, due to being tempered by the beasts own fire. The head was then mounted on the walls of the church as a ward against other evil spirits and beast. So, as you can see the first gargoyle was in fact a dragon.

  27. Thank you. It's actually on the edge of something I've been considering for a few weeks.

  28. I have a different take on the time traveling Bran idea. I'm not yet convinced it's true, but it would make sense given some odd things.

  29. Some really interesting insights here - in terms of the WW I can’t see them occupying a similar space to the men under the mountain (although I see how you can argue this with the Night’s King from way back), just because of past iterations of the long night and the white walkers being an apocalyptic event both in Westeros and Essos.

  30. Call it a test of my hypothesis. I just want to see if we get the same answer.

  31. I mean this list works for Sansa except for the witch part (and littlefinger doesn’t not fit imo), and I don’t think there’s anything like that going on with her. Im guessing you mean Euron or Griff though.

  32. You are correct. The "witch" is Lady Stoneheart. Littlefinger's role in her narrative is in part the same narrative as Illyrio and Varys. The "witch" figure in the asoiaf hero narrative can be seen in the wife of the 13th and the mother of Khal Mango. It's not always a woman but it usually is. The non human part of Sanda's army is the Forest, or in other words the wolves led by Nymeria. Jon is Ice, Dany is Fire, Sansa is Earth. While i have, like most, been tempted to see Catelyn as a piece in Jon's narrative, the truth is, Jon already has at least one. No one needs two. I'm not approaching this idea trying to prove the role of a specific person. I'm letting the checklist point to who it points to. As far as I can see, Sansa seems like the most obvious character able to gain command of the Brotherhood without Banners, Vale Wildlings, and Vale Knights, and I expect to be crowned in Harrenhall by her mother.

  33. Not a lot to disagree with. Only one point. The decline of the Watch seems to have happened after Aegon arrived. Even Nymeria was sending defeated enemies to the Wall.

  34. This is intended as a humorous response, but...

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