1. We see that his brother is also pushing Otto towards the throne, and he probably has been for a while. I think Otto believes the realm will be thrown into chaos if Rhaenyra is queen, but it’s also about putting his family into a secure position of power for generations.

  2. Actually, House Hightower has always been a very wealthy and powerful house. Oldtown is the same size as King's Landing.

  3. I know, im just saying from the perspective of the shows, it seems to have worked out well for them, as they’re still closely connected to the crown (beyond Maesters) decades later and are still prosperous.

  4. Afaik, its unknown which specific disease he has, bit its implied he started to get “rot” after being cut on the throne too many times. His infected wounds were not treated properly, either due to lack of proper medicine or maybe even on purpose if you believe Maester conspiracies.

  5. It was incredible! So sick of all the negativity lately. A lot of it is just people misunderstanding what they’re seeing too.

  6. From basically the moment they’re born, there are going to be people who know the true hair color of the boys. There’s a bunch of midwives, servants, knights, etc around, it’d look incredibly suspicious if all of a sudden their hair color magically changed. Its better to just pretend it was a natural fluke, not every Targaryen is blonde, we know this because of Jon. But even as Alicent said, “3 is an insult.” It just becomes impossible at a certain point no matter what you do.

  7. They could at least had made Zabu 2/3.

  8. Premium stats with major cost reduction? Noooooo

  9. Major cost reduction? 1 is the minimum reduction we can have.

  10. If youre running decks with multiple 4 drops, yeah, thats major cost reduction over time.

  11. Suspension of disbelief. You just have to trust it’s part of the mask

  12. Definitely should stay, it makes too much sense.

  13. What card would that be? Sounds busted, I bet a lot of decks would run it, regardless of stats.

  14. All the shows have been poorly written in one way or another. Some are better than others but really nothing has stood out as something you NEED to see.

  15. True about WandaVision i agree, loki was great tho, top notch quality imo

  16. Nah, loki turned from Hitler to simp after watching a powerpoint, that show was nonsense.

  17. That explains why Disney stock ins’t down.

  18. No, the theme parks have still been making bank

  19. Even tho i would not rate any song on Trilogy below a 7 (most songs are 8-10 imo) i do respect your opinion. Not often i see people in this sub give any trilogy songs a bad rating. It was a fresh take

  20. Thanks! Those are pretty high scores and idk if i’ll ever get there, but i can see some of these growing on me fs

  21. https://music.apple.com/us/album/swing-in-a-dream/1666365029?i=1666365030

  22. And yet, when Joffrey suggests they go riding, suddenly Sansa loves it, which Martin plays for laughs but it actually has a more sinister meaning.

  23. This makes a lot of assumptions, main issue being its Joffrey that asks Sansa to ride after he asks her what she wants to do, and she says they can do w/e. Idk if there’s any reason to assume Cersei is planning this at this stage, or that she and Joffrey planned this in advance. He would just say “lets go riding” and not ask Sansa what she wants to do.

  24. the misunderstanding of Alicent from King Viserys that Aegon should be crowned is so lame. The writers are not brave enough in making her someone who fights back, have her own decision.

  25. I don’t get this take, the same thing would have happened regardless of that scene. If anything I believe its to demonstrate that Alicent is willing to take to words of a sick, delusional old man and psychologically use it as a defense for her actions. I think she’s smart enough to know he’s just rambling nonsense.

  26. Love this track, one of my favorites when I started getting into leaks. Sure it might be a bit dated now but with some refinement this would’ve been a great fit for TG16

  27. No, that means this Supergirl's original plan of replacing Cavill was scrapped for good, still she's in the movie but it will be a debut and farewell

  28. Oh ok gotcha. I guess it could go either way though, we dont know what’s going to happen to supergirl now.

  29. This discussion already existed when College Park was the new announcement. When talking about music and a album from logic, you are the weird one for thinking that it have to be child p**n they are talking about and not the acronym for college park. CP is perfectly fine here... and we already have TITS, so thats not a problem at all and there is no turning back now.

  30. yep, and College Park isnt illegal too, so if your first thought goes to Child P, then just MAYBE think about the topic CP in this whole context is about: Music

  31. Ive seen situations where communities can get flagged just for using the acronym, even if it means something different. Its better to just avoid it all together.

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