1. YTA. For better and for worse is what you promised. You're planning to cut and run when the first problem comes up.

  2. We ate hot dogs in everything. Kimchi jjigae, hot dogs and rice, hot dog slices mixed with scrambled eggs and rice, hot dogs in white bread slices (because immigrant families don't believe in specialized bakery products 😂). We have bread already, why do we need to buy specific bread for hot dogs and hamburgers? LOL.

  3. My family too. I grew up thinking hot dog buns were for fancy rich people.

  4. YTA. Your wife is also YTA. I don't understand why you aren't just having a joint birthday party every year for your son and your mother. Sharing a birthday would be such a happy, warm tradition if your wife weren't behaving so bizarrely. Her selfishness and entitlement are off the charts.

  5. Korean. It's beautiful to listen to, very musical.

  6. NTA. She's a selfish, disrespectful, controlling person. You're wise to break up with her.

  7. Jealousy Incarnate is absolutely full of unrequited longing, desperate desire, regret, and passion

  8. Amsterdam is the least favorite European city I've ever visited. Spent a week there, and I've never met so many rude people before or since.

  9. I can see your point, although I cannot agree completely. I've found good people in Amsterdam. I do have a similar impression of Paris though, so it may be more of a capital city issue.

  10. I'm sure there are some perfectly pleasant people in Amsterdam. I just thought the overall percentage of assholes is higher than some other places I've visited. I do hear Paris tends to be that way, too, but cannot compare since I haven't been to Paris.

  11. CPS should remove the children from her home and prosecute her for child abuse.

  12. Anything from Nestle. Evil corporation.

  13. I remember this video! My daughter was really into this band. I experienced most of this era of music filtered through her preferences. It's fun raising a kid.

  14. Not to mention that the non-vegans could still eat the vegan food. I’m a meat eater myself, but you can’t tell me that things like veggie curry, meatless chili and coconut milk ice cream aren’t delicious.

  15. Right? Like anyone is going to suffer by having one meatless meal. It's ridiculous.

  16. People who are rabidly and militantly anti vegan like this are generally right wing Trumper types. They're the hostile, "own the libs" insufferable sorts who make life miserable for everyone. OOP is wise to have not married into a family like that.

  17. NTA, and why do you want to marry someone who is so disrespectful and unkind to you? Please reconsider this marriage.

  18. I'd guess that Spain, Portugal, Iceland, and New Zealand might be candidates.

  19. You're not oversensitive. Your husband is rude and selfish. You should not be treated so disrespectfully. Is your husband frequently unkind like this?

  20. Of course not. I did, and I'm very pleased with my choice. I'm not planning to go back.

  21. Brendan Fraser. Everyone loves Brendan Fraser.

  22. You will be happier when you stop agreeing with remarks like that, and spend more time with people who treat you respectfully. If you don't feel you can speak up and politely disagree with your friend who thinks your video is cringe, then that's a great social skill to work on.

  23. They don't? At least, I didn't. That would be very rude.

  24. Who calls for the waiter? In my experience, you wait patiently until the waiter decides to come to the table. Sometimes we're not quite done looking at the menu, so it takes a minute or two more. It happens.

  25. Not every restaurant's the same, we usually don't come on our own initiative unless it's been extra long.

  26. Interesting. What country do you live in?

  27. No, not out loud. I always have a conversation with myself going in my head, though.

  28. Jack and Annie had a seriously sucky day in Speed. So did McClane in Die Hard.

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