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  1. That's so stupid so it always opens at the same temperature -_- If I leave my car at 25 degrees and turn it off then remote start with the key, will it go to 25 ?

  2. Haven't seen it in the States. I've seen many current gen elantras but not lava orange.

  3. What school zone is that? It looks like an industrial area somewhere around Hymus or Sources to me.

  4. If there was nobody behind me, I would actually just let these idiots in. There's a good chance at that angle they can't see shit, and will just go forward, ramming into your side. Not worth the risk.

  5. At least I know I wouldn't have been at fault since the driver crossed the white solid lines as seen on the video.

  6. Yes, it would have been their fault, but unless you're driving a piece of shit car, it's not worth the hassle.

  7. 2021 SEL, yesterday took a 4 hour round trip to the mountains and averaged 52.4, mostly highway at 70mph.

  8. My car told me 53 yesterday at 60mph... Tbh it's not that accurate. Would have to do a fuel test station to station

  9. Wow, I get just 24 mpg average in 22 SEL. No highways, just driving a total of 6 miles a day through town for work.

  10. Yeah I've been noticing the car is not that good on street as advertised even when driving not hard... Maybe I'll get 32mpg street

  11. The worst drivers in NA are in Quebec and California.

  12. Yup.. I mean never been to Cali but Im in Montreal and if I drove speed limit I get my ass tailgated

  13. Any post involving Quebec makes me immediately think of PeeVans (in Huntington) and then I think about hot dogs all night.

  14. Wait If you are in stop and go traffic is the car going to start doing this in hybrid mode ?

  15. As others have pointed out, the vehicle will make this sound regardless while in EV mode. The sound shuts off once you exceed a certain speed.

  16. Huh that's true. I've seen the hybrid Elantras at time coming off a stop sign or slow traffic and I don't really notice

  17. From what I understand, Hyundai/KIA VESS (virtual engine sound system) is installed in electric vehicles to compensate for the lack of engine noise that accompanies combustion vehicles. I think Elantra is ice/electric hybrid so it may not have it?

  18. 2022 Elantra I'll get avg 48-49mpg if driving short highway trips of 15min or less. More than 20-30 min highway going 60mpg I'll get 50-53mpg.

  19. That's pretty good, you could get 51-53mpg if you don't push hard. I drive with the 2022 Elantra and when I first started it thought but was getting 56mpg when I had around 500miles on it but now that is has about 2800 miles, it's had a chance to break in so I get more around 51-53mpg if driving 55-60mph and it's mostly flat all highway.

  20. You have to check your bylaws, some cities can, most canโ€™t.

  21. There is a cop going through the green light. Wonder if he noticed.....

  22. My hands get dirty and covered with caulk at work, don't wanna take any chances.

  23. Dang that's nice shot. That scene right there if done professionally would like even nicer since you got the low sun and mist

  24. Ha.... Went down federal and provincial govement are fucking us like yeah all electric and oh yeah we are taking away the rebate when a car cost x amount alwhich doesn't makes sense because most full electric cost over the limit ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚

  25. Gets worse when you start reading buy 2 at 4.50 for each to be for 4.50 or else it's 5.25 lol

  26. I bought July 21 right when things were getting crazy. They actually took a 1000 bucks off too. I traded an F150 in. It was perfect timing in hindsight.

  27. Yep same, got regular gas model and get avg 45-50mpg highway and if longer drives I get up too 53mph

  28. Same! Way better than the EPA ratings. I recently did a big 2800km road trip and I was getting 4.5-4.7L/100km consistently. Over 700km on a tank of fuel.

  29. Yep! The car does a good job especially if you do the speed limit on the highway and avoid speeding. I love the feature that lets you pause cruise control because when going up a hill on the highway, I'll pauce the cruise control then manually drive the car to avoid cruise control trying to use more power than needed then when I'm done with the hill, I'll get the car close to the set speed limit then press resume cruise control because if you resume cruise control right away it's going to rev hard to get back to the set speed

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