1. Took mommy and made her Rena but alien.

  2. what in the goongaloo is bloodpool

  3. Wow, that is a real Zetton! Makes sense considering the 1966 is somewhat canon in this universe.

  4. That Zetton is just from Shinjiro's dream sequence so I wouldn't be so sure that he'll look like that when the two eventually do fight.

  5. would i be able to use them as handles

  6. It's definitely a cool design, but IMO it's too thin and 'willowy' to look like it could stand up to a fight against Monsterverse Godzilla. It's also enough of a departure from the original design that I wouldn't have guessed it was Ghidorah from the picture alone.

  7. They did do a Shin Ghidorah, though. It's in the Godzilla vs Evangelion 4D ride.

  8. While I may not be a fan of the details, this overall body plan is WAY better than the generic dragon walking posture we ended up getting. All he needs to be a perfect design is a little bit of added bulk (somewhat like the one we got) and heads that don't look like waterlogged zombies.

  9. Not really an innovation, per say, but I'd really like to see a main Ultra with a different face again. I know the New Gen Ultras don't have exact copy-paste faces but they all seem to me like they're made off a base with only 15 seconds worth of Transform tool usage done on them. What I'm talking about is something like the difference between Ultraman, Seven, and Ace. Legitimately different.

  10. Neither of them have even gotten close to Z's level.

  11. Standing still while doing it is one thing but if I'm to actually believe it's possible, I'm gonna have to see it pulled off during action like most examples are.

  12. Why would they need to? TsuPro's already done it themselves.

  13. Crazy that this is even being made. I wonder who the villain(s) will be.

  14. Not a fan of her design but she proved to be an intimidating final boss in action.

  15. Yes. I seriously doubt it'd ever happen but boy, would it be cool. Heck, what if Aura led a UGF installment?

  16. Sukagawa, hometown of Eiji Tsuburaya.

  17. Just like how Return of Godzilla kicked off the Heisei era despite being released in the Showa period, Shin Godzilla kicked off the Reiwa era despite being released in the Heisei period.

  18. Only one I've heard is one from the titular segment of the non-canon anthology novel, Return to Tatara Island. There, Pigmon is actually an invasive species brought from Planet Tilsonia (home of the Cicada Humans) and Garamon was cybernetically modified from them.

  19. Prevalent theory about this year's Ultraman series, considering it's not going to be New Gen Gaia and that 2023 will mark Ginga's 10th anniversary.

  20. Not really sure how to feel about Ahsoka having real hair. That said, it makes her look less like Twi'lek 2.0 so it works for me.

  21. This hurts my brain, it's like trying to make sense of toddler speak.

  22. KDM said himself in the replies this is the only way he can really talk about it without Legendary shutting him down.

  23. Ghidorah and Jet Jaguar honestly look sick. Hedorah, though, looks actually sick.

  24. Sure did. This is probably gonna be a bit of a hot take but I really liked the dub.

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