1. When the TV is mounted for the sole purpose of being seen by visitors and never actually watched

  2. Vikings-Saints is my favorite out of division rivalry.

  3. Wonder how big the check he got from the Kremlin was to be worth outing himself like this

  4. No wonder Americans hate reading subtitles in foreign movies - big living rooms, sitting 7 meters away from 65 inch TV that are almost at the ceiling height.. Try to read tiny litters on this shit..

  5. i had a feeling there would be comments about the giant american living room, and i appreciate the fact that you would think this is the reason people hate reading subtitles 😅

  6. These people literally think above the fireplace is where TV should go. So often you see people defending themselves by "we had no other place to put it" and mostly it's not even true. The real question is, who is to blame for this moronic trend?

  7. Yea they wouldn't ask that if they really wondered. They would just silently judge you and possibly gossip about it.

  8. cliffs on the apparent media hate boaner for this kid? what did i miss

  9. Dam if he’s trying to use nukes this early then that means he knows they cant win a ground war lol

  10. turning their attention to attacking non-military targets was proof of that

  11. What fucking looser. Also he sounds American himself which is weird

  12. Do I laugh because rich tourists are getting screwed or do I laugh because FIFA and Qatar are getting their just desserts? Either way, I'm laughing.

  13. Yes let’s just bring on a third world war what a great idea

  14. yea for the record it wouldnt. there have been numerous ukr attacks across the border already, such as belgorod

  15. our concept of "nuclear holocaust" end of the world type stuff is pure fiction. it will never be allowed to take place.

  16. I wish I could believe that but I know there are people in this world who would take this world down with them

  17. I know you’re getting downvoted, but might as well see what love can do in what looks to be a lost season in Green Bay.

  18. man its real sad about that lost season in green bay huh

  19. Rodgers is a trash baby, can’t wait to see him implode over the next few years.

  20. He was playing dead in the hopes the drone would move on to "live" targets. As soon as he saw the grenade release, he realized his mistake.

  21. what an idiot. these drone operators and anyone else in the ukr forces know what actual dead look like at this point.

  22. "Hurry, we're getting btfo on the battlefield, bomb as many civilians as you can! "

  23. https://documents-dds-ny.un.org/doc/UNDOC/LTD/N22/679/12/PDF/N2267912.pdf?OpenElement

  24. haha oh wow. yeah i got back into it at some point. didnt love the finale.

  25. can confirm from my time in the service dept of a major car dealership that floor mats covering gas pedals is shockingly common

  26. this is pretty routine compared to some of the China roadways videos out there.

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