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  1. Whoever was found dead in the street at St Bartholomew the Lefs must have been pretty important

  2. It's the side eyeing and pretending to eat that got me

  3. Falcons fans, has it dawned on your friends yet that a Falcons legend has left yet or is it still sinking in? Like what's the sentiment with his exit? I know as a neutral fan on

  4. Honestly at this point it's hard to care much about anything when it comes to this team and league. Whatever happens happens. Maybe that's just me.

  5. Feel like our games against Seattle are always good and go down to the wire

  6. IMO the triangle crafts are man-made or mostly man-made

  7. Georgia needs a refresh so badly. Seriously looks like something kids designed in computer class, and we have to see it at the end of so many tv shows now 😭

  8. bottom left looks a lot like a hypersonic vehicle.

  9. How the hell did the pioneers have the energy or will to cross all that when they got there

  10. This ever happens to me just load me up on golden brown and send me to heaven

  11. My god how many times is this guy going to lose fingers to that lion?? /s

  12. This was the Dan Quinn defense experience in a nutshell for us

  13. There's a lot of influence from the states online as there was from TV/movies es when I was a kid, and that's the least of it (my friends used to refer to 5-0 due to gangsta rap, etc( If you want sad, look for people demanding 1st / 5th amendment rights outside the US

  14. I've never seen a QB who won a MVP get so much slander here. When he had options to throw to the man was electric in his Prime.

  15. It's not even the options he needs. If he has a competent play caller with a mind and game plan suited for the current league and a half decent OL he will ball no matter who he's throwing to.

  16. Reading this comment felt like that movie trope where the main character sneers at the camera and "Bad to the Bone" starts playing.

  17. This smacks of something made up by the news for consumption by idiot parents

  18. Thanks, I haven’t tried the frozen water bottle before. I’ll give that a try

  19. Rolling your calves before and after running should help a lot

  20. Wut? Either the person he groped is off camera or he did something else

  21. Hey guys, I’m picking something up on radar. Oh never mind, it’s just an insect traveling Mach 2 at 75,000 ft.

  22. The defense and coaching is so strong in New England that if you put Matt Ryan under center for 20 years, things don't change much and he's the "GOAT".

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