QTCinderella on calling xQc a Misogynist

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  1. You need to submit a support ticket to ITS and say that you need the Ethernet jack in your room activated. You should include in the description of your ticket the serial number on the port so they can have one of the IT guys come to the maintenance room of your building and switch on your port.

  2. I've never particularly been a fan of xQc, especially since the gamba shit, but if QTCinderella, Neekolul, Kaceytron, and Hasan are on one side, I can feel pretty confident that taking the opposite stance is the right way to go.

  3. Accounting and Basic Finance are very different. Jorring was pretty solid, workload was relatively light and he teaches well. Recommend you stick with it!

  4. I'm assuming you have a finance concentration, in which case most people double majoring in MCAS drop Strategic Management and Operations. That leaves you with Marketing and Organizational Behavior, both of those being the easier of the 4 droppable options.

  5. You will definitely need Linear Algebra first, as working with matrices and systems takes up the whole second half of the class. It's one of the easier math electives, although it could be that I just had an easy professor (Jin.) The other math electives are more abstract and proof-based, while diff eqs is definitely more calculative and step-by-step similar to Calculus. This sounds more up your alley, but it might be hard without lin alg

  6. Jorring and Dong are both pretty good, but if you want an especially easy class go for Dong.

  7. Zimmerman was rather critical of my work, but I could tell he genuinely cared about the class and developing our writing abilities to the fullest.

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