This man noticed something stuck in the mud before driving over it

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  1. You may try checking out local gardening groups, Facebook groups, or community classifieds such as Craigslist to find affordable gardening help in your area. You can also consider reaching out to local community gardens, botanical gardens, or horticulture schools to ask if they have any students or interns looking for hands-on experience. Additionally, you can try posting a job listing on websites such as Indeed or specifying your budget range, requirements and location to attract a larger pool of candidates.

  2. is a joke, I'm afraid.

  3. Business 101. Create the problem. Then follow up with the cure for a price

  4. The number of people missing the joke of the title is staggering…

  5. The intersection of most subs with people with a sense of humor is null

  6. Search for “ water restoration experts” in your area. There are a ton of them. And they are 24x7. Get the mold solved asap. It’s a serious health hazzatd

  7. In Texas, a citizen was attacked and he took out his license to carry gun and shot the attacker.

  8. When that hedgehog gets home to his wife: "You wont BELIEVE the day I've had!"

  9. Literally ALL of the roundabouts in Berkeley have stop signs and I do not get it. What is the point of the roundabout if it functions the same as a 4-way stop???

  10. Did it have that nice cheese-it taste that pan fried cheddar gets?

  11. I'm... intrigued. I can imagine it being amazing or horrible, probably depending on execution. On a burger it makes a lot of sense to me

  12. It was ok. It amazing. I did put it on a few burgers and it compliments it well

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