1. Source? I heard that the only reason the Toronto group pulled out was due to a stipulation Ralph left in his will stating that the new owners had to agree to keeping the team in Buffalo for a period of time longer than they expected. Even though they always stated their intent was to keep the team in Buffalo, that became suspect when they pulled out once finding out about this stipulation … speculating the likelihood being that they couldn’t afford keeping the lights on in whatever venue they had hoped to put the Bills in while the Bills where still in OP. If you have something different please share. A big part of my post was that they, the Pegulas, rescued us from being moved, but you’re the first person to call me out on this and the first I’ve heard of this “well-established fact”. I’m not trying to be facetious here; please enlighten me!

  2. https://bleacherreport.com/articles/2742641-donald-trump-reportedly-blocked-bon-jovis-attempt-to-buy-bills-in-2014

  3. Thing is, is he had hip surgery. Before that he was I don't want to say he was a God but he was really good. But then he had that surgery and idk feels like everything fell apart

  4. I hope by some miracle, that Tre is full-go in the opener. Im uneasy about the starting CBs as it is right now. Jackson and Elam. Matt Stafford and Cooper Kupp will be a litmus test to gauge how they're coming along. We're just going to have to drown other teams in points.

  5. Look at the model that KA has been using the rebuild this team. He hasn't gone anywhere near giving up assets for a big name, and he's not gonna do that now either.

  6. Very convenient that the kids they draft can stay in college for a few extra years.

  7. It is exceptionally brave of you to stand up and speak out like this, as much as you shouldn't have to do so. It takes a lot of strength to do this, it's something that I hope you can feel proud of, when you are ready.

  8. Sabres had a guy whose contract got screwed up 10-15 years ago as the fax machine broke and fax was the only way central register would only accept fax at the time.

  9. Urban legend. There was a typo in the paperwork that WAS faxed and received, so Central Registry wouldn't accept the deal. They couldn't get the edit re-faxed in time.

  10. Unless someone offer sheets him ( which can still be done because he declined arbitration), the Sabres will continue to hold his NHL rights regardless.

  11. That’s great, I must’ve missed that. I suppose that means he is good with the offer, or is just not bothering bc he’s going to Europe. Maybe he just hasn’t signed bc he’s still in Finland for the summer or something like that; same with UPL.

  12. If he filed for arbitration, he cannot accept an offer sheet.

  13. He takes Brysons spot, hes far better than Bryson and Jokiharju

  14. So good he was the 7th D man on a tire fire of a defense in TO... nope.

  15. Offer sheeting a guy with 93 total NHL games (reg+playoffs) , who couldn't stay in the lineup on a team with a complete tire fire of a defense seems peak stupidity.

  16. Link goes to 8 year old article, which uses questionable analysis to determine that pro athletes generally perform worse as they age.

  17. I think I would be very careful in interpreting the data in the article linked. There are a number of red flags here.

  18. I’d love to see the law that says that. Everything I’ve ever seen was that anyone not already granted an acceptable status which is documented in Ottawa isn’t allowed in.

  19. https://www.canada.ca/en/immigration-refugees-citizenship/services/application/application-forms-guides/guide-5312-rehabilitation-persons-inadmissible-canada-past-criminal-activity.html

  20. If your conviction was more than 10 years ago, you MAY be considered rehabilitated already and be allowed entry. But you should call the Canadian consulate first to be sure.

  21. I hope the first thing Grier does is fire him directly into the sun.

  22. Really? So when players opt for free agency they don’t become true UFAs then? Did not know that. Thanks

  23. I don’t really have an argument to say why he should stay(and I’m not trying to sound bitter here but) but maybe show some loyalty to the club that drafted you and used a draft pick on you , continues to offer you a contract, that has their goalie coaches speak/work with numerous times over the years since you’ve been drafted into their system?

  24. Guys, Aaron Dell stepped up big time during the Americans playoff run.

  25. Don't care how he did. He shouldn't be playing professional hockey anywhere.

  26. Were you able to find information that shows that the public money for the stadium is borrowed and not gifted?

  27. Perfect example is my company’s factory we lease. We spent a ton of money and redid the entire upstairs offices. they went from old carpet outdated 50 years to glass windows,offices, walls torn down and opened, replaced all the floors with nice vinyl flooring.

  28. Ah, didn't know that stipulation could exist. I feel like this whole thing is just a tiny disagreement that went too far lol.. why would he have even paid for these upgrades to the mall if he was just going to tear them out. I think he's going scorched earth

  29. You can't just cut guys. Contracts are guaranteed unless they're terminated mutually or for cause, or you execute a buyout (which can only happen in a specific window). You'd have to make a trade and if anyone knows why you're making it, you're going to get gutted in the deal.

  30. Will you get punishment for too much of cap space?

  31. Does your napkin math also account for $ that teams will still owe the players from the COVID deferrals? That tosses some wrinkles in for sure, especially for some teams.

  32. That’s a big chunk of what the COVID debt accounts for…

  33. Did Bettman address that specifically, or is that assumption?

  34. Things that have also doubled in the last two years.

  35. Still false, as many times as it gets posted.

  36. Ok. Now what? I understand that it’s important to vent and shine a light on the issues that can’t be solved by food drives and gofundmes. But what’s next? Of course people have moved on, that’s what people do. No one is putting their life on hold to solve the problems of the East Side. CNN has a new mass shooting to cover every few days. We are not special. Buffalo is not unique despite how much we love it and call it our home. We’re just another city plagued by a mass shooting.

  37. The amount of ignorance of what Ms. Walton has been doing (and continues to do) for years is honestly staggering.

  38. The only thing that's important to me is if I like it here.

  39. Tim Tielman is by all accounts a good guy, but he seriously needs to stop slapping the word 'historic' on century old industrial relics.

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