1. Another banger from buyweedpacks, this khalifa kush is straight up dank. The smells very pungent and has a great diesel like smell. The resin ring on this joint was heavy, the joint lasted very long and got me ripppped. Thanks for this wonderful strain!!!

  2. Chocolate chip pancake was even commenting

  3. For one it's rarely holistic in any way, just whatever mumbo jumbo people will buy with that label

  4. My first cup is F, then i work my way to A over multiple top offs.

  5. I like a good F cup. But nothing wrong with an A cup either

  6. Apparently he was charged with transporting a woman across state lines for immoral purposes (his wife). Basically prosecuted for being black and marrying white. He fled the country and pursued his boxing career after being sentenced to 1 year in jail and was pardoned by Donald in 2018, long dead by then ofc

  7. Getting more beef tomato than beef in that burger.

  8. Shit, got my fingers crossed for both ya. That must sting.

  9. Yeh, but why should a customer be forced to pay someone's wages? It's not my company, not my employee.

  10. You are no matter what. They'll always pass that cost to you, the main difference is in how much the worker ends up with, which is usually more in tipping countries

  11. Why do keep saying the same thing over and over?

  12. So you care more about your convenience than the employees so much you want legislation?

  13. Who pays w a card? That’s dumb AF. I’ve never heard of a place that doesn’t let you link a bank account. That’s free. Maybe stop being so fucking stupid.

  14. Welcome to 2022. You can pay almost anything by card now, from your credit card bill to energy and apparently even rent. It's convenient

  15. Well it seems by "Right to bear arms" was taken a bit too literally.

  16. At least they're not cutting arms off bears

  17. Been thinking this since the 00s. Add to the list The Learning Channel

  18. I wish my toaster could turn bowler hat into top hat. Where did you find this gem?

  19. Onlyfans, men hvor du deler billeder af din kammerat uden han ved det. No risks - all profit

  20. Folk der villige til den slags har som regel ingen venner

  21. Or healthcare in most of not-America

  22. Taking the fight to Peru, cause why not?

  23. I wouldn't be surprised if she scrapped the minimum wage at this point and stripped all worker protections.

  24. No minimum wage isn't actually the worst idea. We have that in Denmark, works greatly with our collective bargaining system.

  25. Yeah it only works when you have strong unions and collective bargaining though. That needs to come first.

  26. Of course, it's a combo deal. It's crazy to see the shit UK employers routinely get away with without any fear of a blockade.

  27. That's not what we were discussing though. In this context it's entirely irrelevant, especially since I fully support a minimum wage increase, but we're talking about higher earners, not min wage only

  28. Minimum wage affects 7% of the workforce and is 60% of median wages. So, one could estimate that the effect of giving everyone up to median earnings a 10% pay rise would be to increase inflation by 1.5 to 8.25%

  29. And they're arresting Bernie Sanders

  30. You though the als ice bucket challenge wasn't for als?

  31. I've seen it a hundred times before, never with the ALS label. I'm sure many who took part weren't even aware.

  32. Might work even better than sanctions

  33. Can you point to Rwanda on the map? if not I wonder why? Factbox: Rwanda remembers the 800,000 killed on 25th anniversary of genocide

  34. Try finding a new flat if your current landlord is being a dick . Almost impossible.

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