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  1. They shall never experience the greatness of 1% crit chance level 1

  2. i normally use encourage when drawing, or losing to a strong team. demand more and berate when losing to a bad team and praise after scoring when i remember to

  3. Idk if this is just me imagining things but every time I praise when 1 goal up I inevitably concede. I’ve started saving praise only for when we’re 3 goals up.

  4. Shouting calm down just after scoring also helps and won't get a negative reaction (only going 1 goal up though, usually at 2 goals up I praise)

  5. Don't play with him, seems like a toxic dude. Or just straight up tell him that he sucks and need to chill out

  6. Even without data we as humans do it naturally. The pass of least resistance. When doing any task we form our own meta of how best to do it. Something like chopping a tree down, we’ve figured out the best tools and methods to effectively do it. Meta is life.

  7. This is for sure true, the issue with data sites/youtubers/miners is that meta is formed very quickly. Balance needs to be perfect to a T and even then a meta will still form

  8. Noooo so 'to a T' is just a saying in the UK that means like exactly

  9. Dudes a level 21 and doesn't know how to tell if a pmc killed him or not wut?

  10. For the people that wanna get really triggered, I actually like the snare tone...specifically for the song st anger. Maybe not the rest of thr album though.

  11. It has been suggested many times over and BSG has talked about it. The problem is the unity engine doesn't have a replay plugin so one would have to be made specifically for the game which would take time because first it has to not interfere with the stability of the game and second it has to be secure to prevent exploitation

  12. I don't know about the whole like stability thing, in terms of storage could they buy server room to hold the footage till after raid, then give everyone that was in that raid let's say 2 hours after the raid officially ends to download it to their own personal hard drive and then after the 2 hours has past delete it from their servers? They would still obvs need to finance more server space to house this data but would it help the load of it?

  13. I've definitely had my issues this wipe, bad rng just general sucking at pvp. My dreams of being 18 again with no job so I could match the level 30 sweats

  14. honestly still havent found a fucking tape measure, basically cannot do anything to my hideout cause i cant get security level 1

  15. As someone who enjoys watching league but does support a team I only watch maybe like 1 or 2 games from a day. The lack of relegation I feel really has stagnated my interest in anything other than the top teams.

  16. Awesome job dude, clean shots and reposition. If this is me I'm getting head eyed

  17. Found the three I've found all on interchange, 2 in the back offices of oli and one in a hidden stache, near the rubble pile close to railway extract

  18. If battlestate was sensible, but I'm pretty sure that on tarkov having a higher ping is sadly an advantage and can be majorly abused leading to stuff like being shot while you can't even see the dude. Until battlestate sorts out how their game functions desync will remain at a rate waaay higher than most fps games and people will server hop to abuse this fact

  19. Peeker’s advantage (which is just an effect of lag, stemming from high ping, not desync) is present in every shooter ever

  20. Bruh bsg has awful networking for an fps game. And both of those examples are desync. Both are using the fact the games not showing where the user is on there screen. And correct every game does have desync, but this games is far more punishing and thus needs to get improved. I play both cod and tarkov and I've never once been killed by a guy that I cannot see

  21. You find everything pretty easy this wipe, feels weird in my opinion. I found 5 GPU's 4 Ledx 8 Military filters an 11 O scopes so far.

  22. ya ive found a couple labs cards too this wipe, never found one last wipe.

  23. I felt the exact same thing last wipe, but I think its the same as last wipe. I have 100 raids now and like 20 scavs and have gotten one out of a pc.

  24. Ohh okay fair enough I better count my lucky stars I guess if only I could find a measuring tape for security level 1

  25. bro interchange is a pain in the ass on central european servers.. everyone is rushing goshan food, even the early spawning scavs.

  26. Raid those empty servers that are in the middle of thr night so the players are sleeping Dead raids everytkme for me

  27. Raid those empty servers that are in the middle of thr night so the players are sleeping Dead raids everytkme for me

  28. Kudos. Most politicians prefer to stick with the wrong belief forever, because changing your mind is an admission that you were wrong once, which is an impossibility to them.

  29. Honestly you say politicians but this just sounds like most people into politics

  30. Wait wtf, it sits right in the middle of their fov?

  31. Race drivers rarley look straight forwards, they are looking at the apex of the next corner or in the mirrors and another car being dead ahead of them will be wider than the halo

  32. Yeah got on quickly cause i had the client open over night, booted into an offline raid just to have a llok at lighthouse expansion and warm up, noticed my audio was scuffed and for some reason biaurial was unslected turned it on, had to reboot to take effect now stuck

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