1. I think I’m the only one vibing the endurance days. It made me have the ability to do my first half marathon 6 weeks ago!

  2. I just wish that we could do those races indoors here in TN! I ran outside today with 100% humidity and about died!

  3. What was one of your favorite things about Riley? The world needs to know his tale.

  4. She was a loyal companion and loved each of us differently. She would bark at me if I didn’t pay her attention. She would lay calmly next to my husband. She hated the vacuum and leaf blower.

  5. We had a Boston and pug. They were best friends!

  6. I soak my clothes immediately after working out in the sink in rockin green then let them dry in the bath tub and throw in and wash like regular. My clothes get so funky!

  7. Looks great! I’m still recovering from a 11 mile run on Sunday. Couldn’t do all the squats today so I rested.

  8. One of my coaches played “Get Low” by Lil Jon and The East Side Boys! I loved it but was also shocked…”all skeet skeet motherfucker”! 🤣

  9. Our coach played get low today too. It was the censored version.

  10. Good job little DC! Tomorrow is my longer run day to prep for my second half marathon in may! So I skip Saturdays.

  11. I have my first half in 2 weeks. I do Orangetheory 3-4 days a week and a long run on Saturdays. I try to get outside and do 3-4 miles instead of otf depending on the weather. I did a 15k yesterday and plan on 11 next Saturday. The following week I Have the half. I had been using Hal higdon’s training calendar. I have used it loosely because I didn’t decide to do this until the second week of January. The hardest part for me is the weather. I’m in the south. I’m doing a race series. My first race 5k was 12 degrees. My 10k was 40 degrees. My 15k was 30 degrees and sleeting. I’m just trying to finish each race! Good luck to you!

  12. I felt the same way!! I have done CMIYC as a power walker because my base is 4.3 and push is 5.3. I ran 8 miles on Saturday so I was sore Monday. I went and did it anyway. I should have powerwalked. It was a 2g and my first time jogging it. Still beating myself up 😢

  13. When you said 4 minutes or burpees, I thought it was 4 straight minutes and that sounds horrendous!

  14. Look at the Hal Higdon training. I printed it off. I am doing a half in March. I did a 10k in December and only short runs since then. I’ve done otf 4-5 days a week and plan on doing my long runs on Saturday And working up to 10+ miles on the road. I’m doing a race series that is a 5k, 10k, 15k, and half over the next 2 months. My first run is Saturday and it’s supposed to be 20 degrees. I’m so nervous!

  15. Nurse 5 am because no one needs me then! I also have 2 kids that aren’t up yet at 5 am. I used to do 4:30pm.

  16. I had 41 splats today. I don’t think I’ve ever gotten that many in a 60 min! Can’t wait for tomorrow!

  17. I do the same thing. I started in 2019 with twice a week and went to random class times. About 6 months later I went all in and started going at 5 am. I made great friends that motivated me. I was out precovid with a sprained ankle. I take breaks and cut back at times to 2-3 times a week. I need it for sanity. It’s ok to take breaks. You will get back to where you were! I did my first 10k 2 weeks ago. Before I started otf I couldn’t run for more than 2 minutes at a time.

  18. Congrats on your 10k!!! 🥳 I volunteered with OTF at a marathon a few weeks ago and I was so inspired. One of my fitness goals for the next year is to run a 5k, and our head coach at OTF even said she’d run it with me!

  19. That’s great! I did the couch 2 5 k for a 5 k and still did otf 2-3 days a week then used Hal higdon’s training for my 10k and used otf 2 times a week. My friend did the marathon at the same time I did the 10k. It was amazing! Good luck!

  20. I was a power walker at first and my jog is still “power walker” by definition but I’m short so I jog at 4.0 🙄. I watch my splat points and if I’m not getting over 12 increase by 0.1 at base, push, all out and challenge myself. I took a month off due to covid and was still running outside, but I had to decrease my paces because I find the treadmill harder.

  21. How do you track macros? Do you use an app like my fitness pal? I’m trying to track and I can meal prep and plan, but cannot get the macro part figured out.

  22. You can buy individual classes. I have a friend that does it when she visits.

  23. I hurt my ankle in February 2020 and put my membership on hold. I think they checked on me close to the end of my hold. That was right at covid so I don’t really remember. I think it’s studio dependent.

  24. I’ve only worn the underarmour mask and it’s good for a mask while working out. Definitely gets my heart rate up trying to breathe. I am so torn on all of this. I enjoy otf but no one is wearing a mask at out otf even though we are under a county mandate. I am the only one wearing a mask. I have been not going, but once s a week. Monday, I couldn’t even enjoy the workout because I was worried there were so many people so close together. I have 2 kids at home that are too young to be vaccinated. I’m a nurse working with immunocompromised patients so I think I am going to freeze my membership. I’ve been looking at getting a Nordic track treadmill. It would cost what one year of otf costs.

  25. I know the owner - great people. I tried to call yesterday but couldn’t get anyone on the phone. I know the old owner Greg used to do gravel because he kept it in a building off of broad that had sand, gravel, etc. piled up.

  26. I do it. My jog is a fast power walk at 4.3 mph. I have short legs too.

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