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  1. My mom had me at 16...things were always tight, but I don't remember any of that really. Keep your head up and she will remember the good things not the bad ❀️ sending hugs!

  2. Be mindful of the eating periods. If you overindulge you will not see any loss. I like to use a program like weight watchers, the free version is the Healthi app, and stick to that on eating days. I think that program is great for portion control during my feed days. Also, while I commend you for trying fasting, loosing isn't going to be fast. Faster, yes, but have realistic goals and work towards them. We didn't get overweight over night and we won't lose it overnight. Good luck and good health!

  3. It triggers migraines in me and I really wanted to love it. My mom enjoys hers. I also have the eye one but didn't see any improvement with that., But it also didn't cause a migraine. I rarely if ever get them...

  4. Not at vet...but this doesn't look like my girl when she had cherry eye. Is your pup always this wall eyed?

  5. No not at all- usually never any red in her eyes. It does kind of look like a lid that is way out of place which is where I got the cherry eye from despite not being the same.

  6. I think it looks irritated, and was thinking maybe dry eye. Our experience with cherry eye is it was puffy, not sure that's how to describe it. I hope she feels better soon ❀️

  7. If you like a wet formula that builds on it's self the UD Perversion mascara is my favorite. It even allowa you to add another coat later in the day or evening if you're going out or something.

  8. I didn’t know I needed this til now, being able to fix up mascara after a few hours without it being hard and clumpy sounds like a dream. I never even attempted to touch my mascara once its dry

  9. Also millennial.. I just recently decided to switch my goal from buying a house to buying a condo. It sucks seeing people 4-5 years older than me and at the same socio-economic level having a house from before the market took off, but what can you do

  10. This is the exact way you should be thinking! In any market that you can buy in buy the cheapest thing you can afford in the nicest area you can afford. When housing goes up, and it does eventually, take that equity and move up. Eventually, you can get into a home you love or at least like.

  11. I love the series! I rarely rewatch a series... movies are different and I rewatch quite a few...but I've rewatched the Exorcist series 3 times. I really wish it would have continued.

  12. I can listen to YouTube while using it on the highest settings. I can't do that with my Drybar one (similar to the Revlon) or my regular dryer. It's not quiet but it's the least loud of the drying products I've used.

  13. Dumb question how do you use it for making bread? Does the bread come out a funky shape? Asking bc I keep forgetting to buy a bread loaf pan 🀣🀣.

  14. It comes out in a round loaf. Normally I use a dutch oven (or a loaf pan) but for a small loaf for just one or two people the small works well. I make no knead bread because it's so easy

  15. would you be willing to share your recipe? i’d love to try it!

  16. Sure 😊 I don't love baking because it's so strict but this recipe is so simple and you don't have to be super exact.

  17. Not a vet, but that looks like our girl's ear when she has an infection. It's probably to the point your pup is going to need antibiotics....

  18. Thank you! We will get her checked out. Do you try giving her OTC medicine or do you just go to a vet right away?

  19. You could try a OTC flush, but it looks pretty swollen, the other ear looks red. The OTC might work for that one but the swollen will probably need antibiotics to clear up. We use baby wipes that are fragrance free for her face folds and outer ear. We never put anything into the ear.

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