1. The pictures, the amount of details. All for a “first date”. They wanted to be seen, they likely tipped off the paps and gave this story to the press. And when I say “they” I mean their Publicists. If it were serious, wouldn’t they want privacy? Seems more like a distraction to get people to stop talking about the Emma rumours (which I’m not saying are true)

  2. I see what you’re saying maybe the relationship is real and actually started on tour but they wanted to put it out there so people would stop talking about him and Emma. I don’t know Alan doesn’t seem like the type of person to do a fake relationship

  3. Daniella, Britt, and Alan are untouchables on reddit and you didn't say anything resembling negative about the first two lmao.

  4. The best is I actually love Alan he’s one of my favorite pros but there’s no denying he can be annoying😭

  5. Oh, thank goodness! Look I love Mark, but he's no spring chicken anymore. Good for him to put his physical well-being before this show. I hope Val and Artem follow suit soon and start doing alternating seasons until retirement. I would give the ladies and Sasha a few more years before a partial retirement should be considered.

  6. Artem may be 40 but he hasn’t done that many seasons compared to some of his colleagues. Emma, Sasha, Peta, and Sharna (and obviously Val) have done more seasons than him. I see him doing a few more seasons then he can retire

  7. Well that depends, he came directly from Strictly and didn't even really have time between pro on Strictly and pro on our show, so in total he's had about 12 years with the BBC who also was the parent company of DWTS as well until last year. That's how I'd come to my conclusion.

  8. Oh yea if you count strictly then I totally see why you would say that! I still wanna see him have 1 or 2 more good seasons with DWTS then i’d be fine with him retiring. There are others that definitely should go before him though

  9. I think they need to even the playing field of contestants a little more. Like I don’t think Martin Kove and JoJo Siwa competing in the same competition makes sense (just an example lol). I kinda want to be surprised at who ends up in the finals and not have these select ringers with an almost guaranteed chance at the finals. I understand that it’s never gonna be 100% even but sometimes it’s unfair for certain people.

  10. He proved in those reviews that he did during season 29 that he wouldn’t be fair. He’s SO biased. The way he praised all of the eastern european pros and criticized brandon and britt constantly.

  11. I feel like the show is definitely gonna be around for at least 5-7 more seasons

  12. If this announcement really is about moving she really shouldn’t have made it such a big deal. Moving only affects her and her family, what does it have to do w her fans 😭

  13. I’m sure this was a little awkward for Peta to talk about/answer😭 I’m glad she stayed vague but WHEW that last part is um, interesting. She should’ve played dumb and said she had no idea and wishes them the best in whoever they decide to date or something like that

  14. Several DWTS pros are always posting "big announcement coming!" and it turns out to be some stupid brand partnership that means nothing, so I don't pay attention anymore.

  15. She's not the only guilty party through. Maks and Peta have both done it a lot to tease photo shoots or stupid stuff relating to Peta's self tanner.

  16. He splits custody with Megan, he just makes sure to publicize it as much as he can so people with trash Megan. He’s a creep who groomed Megan, started dating her at 18, and knocked her up every time she tried to leave him. Now he tries to make her look like an unfit mom and he will do the same to Sharna if she tries to leave him.

  17. Wait Megan was freshly 18 when they started dating?! 💀That makes Brian 31 at the time… side eye

  18. Divorce is sad. I hope they both heal. Also I’ve seen a lot of people on Twitter celebrating their divorce and honestly thats very odd behavior. Like I’m not the biggest fan of Sasha but let’s remember how important mental health is and how him seeing that could affect him in many ways. Lets just be kind please.

  19. From my understanding, Val used Janel to garner attention for them so they could go far or win the competition, he faked a showmance without her knowledge because she thought it was real and even broke up with her then boyfriend but Val was just using her for a win.

  20. Right lmao😭 Lindsay just overdoes it. Sage is always telling her to shut up and stop talking to the camera and everytime she does I die laughing 😂

  21. Sage has definitely become a lot more comfortable with the camera these past few months. Always taking over Lindsay’s videos, grabbing the phone, and doing her own thing. It’s cute but when you think about it, Lindsay is instilling the need and desire for the phone early on

  22. Lindsay just thinks that all of this is harmless which is why she continues to do it. It’s funny bc I was watching Nikki’s live yesterday and she was trying to get Matteo to say hi to everyone and he was like get that thing out of my face mom😂 Its just crazy how 2 year olds are so aware of phones now

  23. Nartem have had these weird ass trolls dedicated to hating them for a few years now. They obviously sent this in because no fans think that they have a fake marriage for clout wtf😭 (look at the email🙄) Also on The Bellas Podcast, Nikki said that the show was offered to them and they literally had to think about it. They don’t need a cash grab because they literally quit their reality show Total Bellas for the sake of their families privacy. This is the stupidest thing I’ve read all week.

  24. If it’s that same WWE Twitter page that I am thinking about that they have been hating on Nikki FOREVER. They want Artem to leave her so badly to the point where they are willing to dig up court documents from this entire weddingJust to prove to the world that they are not legally married like who the hell has time for that??? I do not know why everybody is so against this couple but at this point it’s whatever because Nikki and Artem are happy and that’s all that matters 🤷🏾‍♀️.

  25. Ik its weirdo behavior 😭 Its not even everybody is the people that are salty that she left Cena and are trying everything they can to ruin her life. But little do they know she’s happy and thriving

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