1. My heart broke for Gabe. I mean I've had my dad forget what day or year my birthday is exactly I think that may be common, but on top of all their other problems and already feeling neglected, it's so sad. I'm sure he answered that first call thinking Kody was calling for his birthday.

  2. It was stated higher but should be repeated - how hard is it to put the kids birthdays in your calendar?! 18 kids, 4 wives, 4 wedding anniversaries - put that in a calendar!!

  3. They thought he was a good father when the kids were all young and adored him. They're living in the past.

  4. In one of the early episodes and the entire family was moving (somewhere) - NO ONE rode with Kody. He loudly proclaimed that he a seat available and did anyone want to ride with him… the kids scattered and NO ONE answered him nor took a ride from him.

  5. Gabe is an adult child - living on his own - who is emotionally hurting because of his personal relationship with his Dad. His parents getting divorced is not going to "fix" it. It's not like he in an abusive home and needs his mom to get him away from his dad. If anything, I imagine that his parents divorcing will make it LESS likely that he and his Dad are able to re-kindle their relationship (which is what Gabe wants.)

  6. I hope Gabe gets into therapy so he can be taught how to manage his narcissistic father. I also hope he leans on his siblings - those are the folks that will help him through thick and thin - and will make sure to wish him a Happy Birthday EVERY birthday!

  7. Kody is a willing participant - they are both responsible for this mess that has been created.

  8. Meri isn’t involved at all. So I don’t think she should say anything. I doubt that she does.

  9. Meri knows the score and is doing exactly what is being described - sharing the show and collecting a check. Good for her - she does not need the TLC but it looks great in the bank!

  10. Yeah, the fact he didn't believe OP, and demanded she take a pregnancy test in front of him after she explained what happened is pretty red-flaggy for me.

  11. Kody doesn’t even agree with himself most of the time (never mind half of the time).

  12. The scene was ridiculous. Why would ANYONE show up to talk to someone who had told them to ‘drop dead’?! 2nd - why is someone arguing with a pregnant woman?!

  13. Omg. That has to be a joke.... came back from commercials, 2 scenes and like 30 seconds later it cuts to another commercial. What the fuxk??!!!

  14. Happy Holidays !! (Our Cyber Monday sales did not go as planned so more advertising is needed so shoppers can see the error of their ways!!)

  15. Do you like your Holly "Original Recipe" or "Extra Crispy?"

  16. You're coming up with some pretty decent theories here 🤔👍

  17. An anyone help me with the ’lurking around’? The 10x10 was MAYBE 3 feet from the ‘shack’ - cue the use of the bull horn (REALY?! - talking in a loud voice would have work!) and the the henchman was dodging leaves to ‘stay hidden’… 🙄

  18. I think christine is empowering her, tbh.

  19. I agree and also believe the married daughters empowered Christine. She saw how a husband supports his wife, LOVES his wife and was there for them no matter what the circumstance. Each of the son-in-laws have displayed this over and over - no conditions applied.

  20. Ooph, that's rough. Not sure if anyone has recommended it yet, but we used an apple bitter spray to dissuade ours from chewing, worked pretty well.

  21. 🥸 My Chow/Shepard acquired a taste for the bitter apple spray. 😶‍🌫️

  22. Hearing him in current episodes and watching him speak as I rewatch previous seasons is unreal. I guess he lied for 20+ years to Janelle and Christine. I understand his anger towards Meri given that she cheated however Christine and Janelle have been loyal to the family completely. They reinforced his ego and it still wasn’t enough. Kody is such a typical narcissists. When someone no longer serves their purpose they treat that person like crap. Now all of sudden Janelle was never a wife to him. He never loved Christine. These are the extreme lengths narcissist go to when you injure their ego.

  23. His anger towards Meri started way before the catfishing. He may have been more upset that she had only one child with him - NOT Meri’s fault!!

  24. Has water/sewer/electric been run out to those lots yet? If there is no infrastructure, it makes no sense to build. I have no idea about building codes but would think that without infrastructure, a house would not be allowed to be built. (NOT siding with Cody - I am concerned for Janelle.)

  25. Wow. I have a lot of clarity on my mom’s denial of things I say. I was attributing it to Boomer-ness, but I suppose it’s an issue that’s rife in that generation.

  26. I thought Britt’s scenes were good with Liesel - I just wish the Cody scenes would improve. When she says ‘Get out of my office!’ - get heading for the door - don’t just stand there and change the topic. Austin has figured this out!!

  27. Here I was hoping Dex could turn out to be Ava’s long lost son. A child she gave birth to but was told was stillborn and stolen from the hospital.

  28. But align with several other couples that have siblings in common with their significant other!

  29. I remember hearing that when Tatum O'Neal won her Oscar, her father, Ryan O'Neal, beat the crap out of her BECAUSE SHE WON!!!

  30. If Meri left first, post catfishing, it would have been similar. If Meri leaves now it could go one of two ways - no reaction/acknowledgement or a massive violent tantrum.

  31. “King of the castle” Remember when he was floored that when he went to Christine’s to visit the kids would go to bed when they were tired? He thought that was so weird like they should have stayed up because he was there. Delusional & out of touch with reality. 🙄🙄

  32. Christine had made a very telling comment about his ‘time’ at her house. She said he brought stress and chaos (I am paraphrasing here). The kids were excited to see him but upset their routine. This very much sounds like ‘fun time parent’ and only works with younger kids.

  33. Hind sight being 20/20. Christine wasn't happy and thinking of leaving.. so if they did the whole one house thing, all her part of the money would have been rolled into the house and impossible to get out without suing... I think that, as much as anything was a consideration for her..

  34. It was actually Robyn that brought up inheritance for the kids and why a single house would not work. Also, CP is not zoned for that type of home. Also, all the OG wives were pointing out the lack of parking in Kody’s plan.

  35. Order me a few shots, Holly. I need them to get through this show some days lol

  36. Did I miss something? Why is Robert even trusting Holly when he knows she's working for Victor???

  37. She is going to purposely kill a girlfriend/Aunt/Secret daughter-twin sister also grandchild and when Nina finds out what Carly did she might toss her over the cliff

  38. Cody in a love triangle with a woman and a necklace 🙄🙄😂😂

  39. A woman that keeps telling him (multiple times) ‘No!’ and ‘Get out of my office!!’ and yet he stands in her office and he does not listen. I was expecting to try to make a run for it with the necklace.

  40. And we all know who changed that, who couldn't allow that. Her name is Robyn and she is alienating any Kody cared about.

  41. And Kody is ALLOWING it to happen. He LOVES playing the victim and will continue in this role. At some point this game will collapse on Robyn and she will be blamed for his kids not talking to him.

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