AITA for letting my son call my best friend "Dad"?

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  1. Melissa was never the person to turn in music. Ever. That was not the job of someone who worked at the front desk- it was the job of the competition director. That for the 10 (ish- idk) years her kids danced there, was that same woman. She was not Melissa. 2014-2015 one of the teachers turned in music but before that- it was never Melissa.

  2. Most studios yes unless it's a specific type of dance studio. Like a hip hop dance studio or an acro dance studio

  3. I’m a former ALDC member from like 1998-2014, I can tell you all for a fact that that is a lie. I literally was in classes with those girls- they were in ballet 2 times a week for an hour and a half each

  4. Oh I miss read that saying that all studios do this not the aldc specifically.

  5. If you private message me- I don’t want it publicly who I am but I have plenty of proof

  6. That wasn’t a kids with guns dance… we did a dance called machine gun- it was a recreational jazz funk dance that we basically did burpees the whole time. They were used for about 20 seconds of the dance.

  7. Why am I so intrigued by this?? I was wondering what sooo many could possibly be used for in one dance lol

  8. I’m not even joking there were so many of us in that dance… like legit probably 35 and we were in straight lines like we were in the military doing burpees LOL j was like 7 or 8

  9. Hi, I think it’s strange too. I had a friend (former friend, no longer in touch) who danced at the ALDC and I can imagine she’d feel the same. I empathize with you, but I have been concerned about this for other reasons.

  10. I’m sure there’s tons that we don’t know happened but that isn’t at all the point. Nobody’s trying to erase your history because honestly the ALDC isn’t historical at all.

  11. I posted this from a place of hurt. I’m allowed to be hurt by this. It’s a very unique situation. Yes, dance studios are sold, auctioned off all the time. But how many have hundreds of thousands of people trying to buy their stuff?

  12. I love when people post on this sub and aren’t willing to hear people when they say YTA.

  13. Taxidermy is one of my biggest fears. And a very common one. Especially to sleep next to……. You’re gonna end up making your wife pick between you. Maybe not this trip but eventually.

  14. Lol to “keep the Tesla out of the elements”. A car is built for the elements…. That’s literally it’s job lol YTA for caring about your car more than your wife’s safety

  15. I teach teens… most 15 year olds are very similar to this. I’m glad Morgan wasn’t but it’s not as old and mature as they were acting. Cut the kid some slack, she’s still growing up and her world got changed too. Not as severely but it did change.

  16. Thanks for this. I understand the ESH because I was admittedly not gracious on how I worded it to her. I just didn’t expect she’d hurt her sister’s feelings by ditching their birthdays over an argument with me. And I didn’t think she’d tell my girls about it, which I don’t think was appropriate.

  17. oh yes, I told D that because he was H's caregiver in that moment (she was super drunk and passed out every 10 minutes) so she basically had to ask him before if she wanted to do anything, like going to eat or drinking water, that's why I phrased it that way ^

  18. That’s also… not good or okay. No one should ask have to ask someone if they can eat or drink or ask permission in general. Because someone’s drunk, does not make their significant other in control of them and what they can/ cannot do.

  19. My dad was using it for months and then got a message that they had “messed up” his calorie goal.

  20. no offense at all but evs dancing isn’t from the heart. You can tell she is counting in her head and just goes from one bit to the next with no flow or artistry in mind.

  21. No I totally see that! Super choppy. She’s like mimicking what she thinks it’s supposed to look like instead of dancing. And the faces- Abby would never put up with.

  22. I've mentioned it a few times and been met with similar responses each time. As much as I love her, I'm not her keeper. There's only so much I can do in terms of someone's mental or physical health. If they're not ready for help, my hands are tied.

  23. Wait…. So you essentially gave her a month to get over PPD before confiding in someone else????? She needed support and you left to find it in someone else.

  24. All his comments are that he’s being discriminated against because he’s short BUT that he prefers petite asian women and that’s NOT discrimination……….


  26. Yikes…. This gives off futures serial killer vibes. The kind where he doesn’t see that kidnapping and killing women is wrong cause they “discriminated” against him by not liking him.

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