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  1. Can you prove that isn’t true?

  2. Just like a cat, they can fit in anywhere that’s as wide as it’s whiskers.

  3. I’ve recently been dabbling in more street photography, I really liked the composition on this one. I was also experimenting with masking while editing this photo. I’m looking for broad criticism of editing, composition, and general technique. 1/80 ISO 400 f/10 23.6mm

  4. Taken today in Prospect Park, Reading, UK, with a Canon R6 and a 600mm F11 prime lens.

  5. 600 mm prime sounds insane, how is it working with such a consistent tight angle? I usually see people using a 600 mm to 800 mm at the highest extremes.

  6. I love how every internet chef now wears black gloves when blue was used and regulated for because you can see it if it fell into the food.

  7. They do it because it’s visually pleasing. this is not an influencer thing, if you watch any barbecue show they also use black gloves. This is because black is just a nice visual contrast to the food, and blue gloves can remind people of surgery which definitely makes the whole experience less appetizing. I also enjoy using black gloves, they’re just kind of cool. there’s a lot of complaints I have about how we talk about and present food online, and the cool black gloves aren’t one of them.

  8. This entire comment thread is just two people who woke up from a 60 year coma telling each other jokes they just heard for the first time. Yes we know, she’s fat, we understand. Do you just start foaming at the mouth every single time you see any fat person, trembling at the knees to tell a joke you heard for the first time last week.

  9. although all these photos are beautiful ( especially 11 ) I'm not sure if it qualifies as " wildlife "

  10. The subreddit is called wildlife photography. This is not wildlife

  11. Hey this sub is called “ wildlife photography “ not “ be an asshole to people “

  12. Didn’t even realize this was BHJ cause the joke was so clever and the edit was so good

  13. You deserve better then a Matt Walsh fan with an nft collection

  14. Are we linking bill Maher on the gay sub? We’re linking the guy who said that “ queerness is a trend “ and dose transphobic agitprop. The guy who defends Libsoftiktok? The women who has doxxed many a queer for simply existing. Seems wack to me.

  15. What dose “hyucked” up mean in this circumstance? Is it a glass eyeball, or did the motherfucker just pop out and cut the umbilical cord.

  16. But you literally are. You just unironically are. There is zero Reason for you to assume this food would have parasites in it other than its cultural unfamiliarity to you, weirdo.

  17. Shut up about the “system” you’re not changing anything with graffiti. Everyone in this community is such an asshole to beginners.

  18. I think this is pretty Tone deaf. Graffiti has always been a method of political action. It disturbs The public order, it’s by definition is a protest. The entire modern graffiti movement ( circa 1970~ to the late aughts ) was revived by punk subcultures and other alternative groups of the time. Subcultures that had leftest politics deeply ingrained within its history. A resentment grew against the status quo in young people after Nixon’s presidency, only getting worse during Reagan’s. Graffiti was a way to be rebellious against an institution that ignored you. Graffiti is not only inherently political but inherently leftist. The punk movement was literally built on 19th century anarchist theory. Is graffiti the most efficient way to organize all of the time? No. Is graffiti a tool of public disturbance in a kit of many other tools? Yes. Graffiti is a way to ignite people, they walk by every day and see the same piece of art. That repetition can be used to drill a message into peoples minds. This repetition can inspire more people to organize for greater change. Most famously the “ I love you will you marry me “ graffiti. Graffiti is the type of protest that posting an info graphic wants to be, infographics on Instagram don’t stick with people but art on the side of a government building does.

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