1. I haven’t done WBtW, but as a new dm running through candlekeep it’s really just take it one bite at a time. You don’t have to do an entire module in a week if that’s not what you or your party wants to do.

  2. At this point if we ever do get to buy we’ll have to try to payoff the house as fast as possible because the interest savings of a 7%+ loan would be better than rolling the dice it in the market.

  3. Foolproof in Pawtucket is dog friendly for chill pups

  4. Ginormous and amazing looking book, hoping to be the lucky one 😊

  5. Texas receives funding do deal with immigration D.C. does not. Why does Paul need to comment on things he doesn’t know about

  6. This particular group wasn’t even sent to a large city like DC, it was charted on a flight to Martha’s Vineyard, a small island off of Massachusetts. So even less able to handle a group of immigrants as the island is only serviced by ferries and planes. It’s even worse now as tourist season is over and the island is quieter for the fall and winter.

  7. I’m not gonna lie I opened my mouth without looking at where Martha’s Vineyard is. I can’t even take my own advice

  8. Hey don’t stress too much, I just happen to know about it because we’re in the area and I was looking at us booking a vacation there, and even though we’re doing alright I still balk at the prices for just one hotel room a few nights. The only way they could have been worse is if they dropped them on Block Island, a smaller and similar island off of Rhode Island just next door.

  9. The American Board of Forensic Toxicologists has a certification process consisting of an application and exam. I’m currently certified at one level but if I wanted to go to the next the test is about 20x harder than the one I previously took. Fortunately there’s a

  10. I have read the description of this course, it doesn’t say what level of previous education is necessary to obtain certification. Are these courses CEU’s or vocational certification?

  11. The certification also has an application process that requires a masters and 2 years experience if I recall.

  12. Just got back from my psychiatrist's appointment. I told him that I want to start tapering off antidepressants but he was very against it. In the end he agreed to start it because he realises that he can't force me to continue the therapy.

  13. Have you read Adult Children of Emotionally immature Parents? Really insightful.

  14. Me: haha wait I didn’t go back to my homepage whaaaa? 😂

  15. Is Tom Vu still around? I remember that fucker from the nineties.

  16. As an under 30 year old who is interested in the PF world, I’ve never heard of Tom Vu.

  17. Basically all departments are separated into specialties. On very rare occasions it’s possible for some overlap.

  18. The tampon is cool, but I think I'd rather keep any and all glitter out of my vagina.

  19. I don't think it's wise to wait. It's going to take longer than usual to refund you the money and return the loan amounts to their original balance because so many people are requesting. The point is to have your loan balance returned to the original amount BEFORE the application for forgiveness comes out and BEFORE December 31st. Otherwise, interest will kick in. Just call and clean your house / work / or something while on hold. It takes 5 minutes once you get through. If the loan servicer opens at 8, wake up at 7:59 and have the number ready. You'll get through.

  20. This is great advice. I called first thing and had my husband’s request through (wait times and actually requesting) within 25 minutes on Thursday.

  21. Some may think that initially, but that’s potentially not the case for everyone. Think about it mathematically.

  22. If the $5k paid during Covid was all one payment they can’t split it up for the refund. So you’d have to take the full amount, wait for the forgiveness, then send the $2k back for the final payoff.

  23. A lot of people were saving up to pay off their loans while the pause was going. Now they have cash but don’t have to spend it to pay off the loans.

  24. And the suckers (like my husband and I) who paid off during the pause might be able to get a refund and have it forgiven.

  25. Yea overall you’ll love Roger William’s Park. It’s got a zoo, museum, and botanical garden to check out. On Fridays there’s food truck Friday near the carousel.

  26. I love the Slaad in every different form. Rarely hear talk about them.

  27. One of the published campaign books actually has this

  28. I agree. We paid off in a lump sum in August 2020 but are trying to pull the cash back. Both loan services said 6-8 weeks to refund, and as more info comes out we may see the balances forgiven. If not we’ll just send it back. Little worried about how it’s gonna look on our credit reports to see two student loans reopening for kinda high balances (couldn’t ask for just $10k back, so we have ~$11k from hubs and ~$18k from mine) but if we’re not buying soon what does it matter anyways?

  29. Same story here - I paid my loan off during the forbearance period, and asked for refunds on payments during the period to total up to the $10k forgiveness amount. I was told to expect a 6-week turnaround, although paper checks weren't mentioned - I was told it will be put into whatever checking account Nelnet has on file for me. The team is obviously overwhelmed at the moment and borrowers should expect the calling/requesting period to take some time, but they're doing the best they can with the insane call volume and were very helpful. I'm taking the same tactic as OP - once this money arrives, it gets locked up until I have documentation that the balance has been forgiven.

  30. MyGreatLakes told my husband to notify his bank just in case the bank questioned the refund coming back.

  31. I don't think that this actually gives people $10,000 they just owe $10,000 less on their loans. People weren't paying their loans anyways so I don't think that the loan forgiveness will have an effect that big.

  32. If they paid off those loans in the past two years there’s a refund process.

  33. Fuck us for being responsible and paying off our student loans I guess. Now other couples in the same position essentially have a $20k leg up on us.

  34. Clinical positions are always available in the Philadelphia region at Quest Diagnostics in Norristown, Atlantic Diagnostics in Bensalem, and occasionally at Drugscan and NMS in Horsham/Willow grove.

  35. Thank you homie, just told that to my gf and she got some hope.

  36. I frequently roll dice for no reason (ADD or something I guess) and I’ve gotten so many 20s that don’t do anything because I’m not even playing. I’d say those are the most wasted

  37. Nah random behind screen rolls can mess with the players in fun, devious ways.

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