1. I made the mistake of looking at the comments on a Sopranos YouTube video one day. Those people unironically think Tony is peak humanity.

  2. Move past those comments and embrace the true purpose of that section which is to reference shineboxes and the act of being sent off to retrieve it.

  3. everything about our sex life. Best friends think we are totally vanilla. Reality is we are both bi, swingers, do pegging, and have a massive toy collection that includes a fuck machine.

  4. The matchmaking really is fucking atrocious. I’m so sick of getting actual handicapped teammates and playing against parry gods that beat us 1400-12 every fucking match. For christs sake.

  5. I’ll never get tired of throwing on huckleberry and infinitely shredding through countless ads with its unlimited ammo as long as you’re getting kills.

  6. cmon man we’re already having a rough time we don’t need you holding your superiority complex above us

  7. How is it a superiority complex? I’m on ps4, it’s why it works on me. I’m shit enough to get beat with light spam. I’m just saying it wouldn’t work on pc and they use the lack of 60 fps as a crutch.

  8. Bruh I'm just trying to pay my car insurance, a series x can wait

  9. At no point did I say anyone should upgrade, all I said was that the style only works on the older technology with less react-able frame data. Please pay your car insurance. It takes precedence.

  10. Chef is a great one. You get through his meltdown like 10 minutes in and the rest of the movie is just watching a man find happiness again doing what he loves. Great film, do not watch it hungry though.

  11. Any time someone asks why something isn’t working I chime in with the classic “did you set it to wumbo?”

  12. Yeah I definitely read the novel first and "cold, disinterested" shouldn't describe him. Jeremy Irons hit it better in the HBO TV series continuation of the story.

  13. “I’ve never given myself to a woman” is one of the greatest lines spoken on screen of all time.

  14. The grand Budapest hotel. Fantastic film, so many lines just make me crack up, yet it has such great heartfelt moments in it too. I have probably watched that film upwards of 40 times since it first came out.

  15. Everyone who plays conq deserves to walk on legos wherever they go. Fuck em all.

  16. I just miss how the boots of the assembler and lumina combo was functioning before solar 3.0. Giving everyone heals, damage boost, I always had abilities up due to the reduced cooldowns whenever I empowered someone, it was perfect. I loved being a pure healer. It seems like that was of play just isn’t as good now.

  17. I realize now that I may not have chosen the most appropriate word lol but yes!

  18. Pure kaiju is fun to not have to deal with peoples boards and just tribute them instead.

  19. The look Christian bale gives Bradley cooper after he messes with his hair in the opening scene is one of the greatest moments in the history of film. The rest is ok.

  20. I would love a whole time wizard archetype. Multiple support cards to get him on the field, combined with some existing coin flip retry cards (thank you dotodoya for the awesome luck deck) could make it a fun way to clear the opponents board. Plus who doesn’t love dark sage?! Haha

  21. I’ve been loving my chaos max deck with the impcantation engine. They can help you get your spell/monster to get chaos max on the field, and if you have magic box or shieou spy you can give your opponent a 0 defense card to otk with the double piercing damage. It’s a fun way to use it.

  22. I got turned onto the impcantation engine to summon blue eyes chaos max, and its really satisfying when I can get my blue eyes out, give my opponent one of my impcantations with 0 defense and otk with the double piercing damage. Such a satisfying combo.

  23. There’s two pretty solid ways to go, the poker knights engine where with jokers straight you can summon all three and then still tribute into slifer, or you could try a numeron engine to get the gates on the field and then tribute into slifer. Personally I like the numeron engine better because they allow for otk’s on boards that aren’t totally stacked.

  24. In the old days I would build my own. I use a bit of internet help these days, the first time I got otk’ed by numerons, I had no idea what they were so I copied my opponents deck list and then tweaked it a bit. The blue eyes chaos max/impcantation engine I’m currently maining I put together with some help from the web.

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