I've built a wood & copper, open case, steampunk PC

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  1. Feels like end game would be come super easy then

  2. Well, I should have added this, but it should lag behind where you really are and take killing a lot of people and monsters to work.

  3. Probably C. Gives you a 2-fer since any C code is valid C++ code. And that gives me the ability to work on the Linux kernel like I want.

  4. I tried out DraugerOS in Live mode earlier, but it identified my TV as a LG 72" Ultra Wide and had a very squished and stretched desktop with black bars at the top and bottom.

  5. Probably because it didn't have the Nvidia drivers running in the live USB.

  6. Did you look at the example screen shot?

  7. I just now saw that you posted those. That looks like Ubuntu, not Drauger OS. If you are in fact running normal Ubuntu, I suggest asking for support in

  8. So there's a lot here. I'll do the best I can to answer everything but if I miss something I do apologize.

  9. Proton-GE is fantastic. I only wish it or protonup were packaged like Wine. That and I wish protonup got updates more often.

  10. I actually have a legit one of these. Not 3D printed. I love the thing. Only thing I DON'T like is the bishop's staffs and the knights maces tend to bend in the bag. Here's hoping yours doesn't!

  11. My Hero Academia in Skyrim. Ngl I think there's a fanfic about something similar. XD

  12. I’m at work all day today – it’ll be another ~7 hrs before I can get to this, please stand by :)

  13. You good bro. Take your time. Your work is appreciated. Honestly wish I could pay you for all the translation work you do around her. Truly Herculean the work you do.

  14. We have a tutorial on how to install it here:

  15. What that means is there is no way to upgrade from one version of the OS to another. Our kernel and mesa packages are rolling, so those continuously get updates throughout the life of the specific Drauger OS version.

  16. Post installation, the installed OS is available at /mnt. If you are familiar with chroots, you can chroot into the installation and do any changes like that.

  17. There are differences! The Drauger OS kernel is just the mainline kernel with specific compilation options. The Xanmod kernel has extra patches on top of those config options. This makes it inherently less secure (albiet, only a little).

  18. Dude this looks SICK. Kinda cringe that you painted the fans and RAM. But it still looks good. I like.

  19. You know you can just buy a controller right? Not expensive at all and much more comfortable and portable than a Steam Controller.

  20. I am aware. But if you already have a Steam Deck why also buy a controller when the thing can be a controller itself?

  21. Try leaving "update during installation" and "install restricted extras" disabled and reinstalling.

  22. If you have an Nvidia GPU, you likely need to install the Nvidia drivers. If you have a 10-series card or newer, you can run this command and it will install those drivers and disable the built-in Nouveau drivers:

  23. im interested, ive been wanting to try n get Drauger working on l4t via my switch. would love to see it possible.

  24. Right now we're looking at targeting the Pinebook Pro and RockPro64 first since we actually have a couple to test with. But we'd be 100% open to supporting the Switch in the future.

  25. This is cool. The problem I see is drones are inherently unstable and require constant work on the part of the flight computer to keep it stable. Plus, the reaction time is so low that you can't get a good, consistent print. 5mm is impressive for this. But it's no where near enough.

  26. Hard drives, SSDs, flash drives, etc. Sure, you might find some interesting stuff on them. But you don't know how long they may last. And, they could easily have a virus on them, or worse.

  27. Audio still isn't working with the mainline v6.0 kernel. Apparently that patch to get audio working is landing in the v6.1 kernel. And I haven't had much time to test lately due to other bugs.

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