Sadio Mané, the Senegalese Bayern Munich football player is transforming Bambaly, his native Senegal village: He built an hospital, a school and he is paying 80 euros a month all its citizens. Recently he installed a 4G network and built a postal office.

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  1. That argument concerns foreigners who refuse to integrate into British society (which is rude, incidentally). By contrast, Rees-Mogg is already the most British man to ever exist.

  2. If it’s honestly too loud call the cops. They can install a noise reader that detects if it’s illegally loud. However, I imagine probably fine. Instead, maybe just pump up the volume on the TV whenever he does it, to something he can’t cum to. Be creative. Try cooking shows or the shopping channel. Don’t try kids TV in case it helps, it’s better to remain ignorant on that score. But sadly, I don’t think there’s much you can do.

  3. They must have taken their fingers off the pulses, everyone in the UK has know this for years.

  4. The ex-cons have one thing in common with the Scots; can’t speak English but they think they can :)

  5. Congratulations, you managed to piss off everyone with that comment.

  6. Ha. All three of you, would you agree "the North" is basically a barren wasteland and had been since William the conqueror?

  7. Are you asking if he "sauced" the photo or for the picture of his dick?

  8. I still have the bowl. It’s been about 6 months lol. So it should be ok now?

  9. Yes the pooch who drinks from muddy puddles and sniffs butts will be fine.

  10. Yeah he's vehemently homophobic ,rides a horse bare chested and his " bird" is half his age. Hey Vladimir what's the Russian word for overcompensation.

  11. It was photoshopped to be a horse, the original was riding a bear.

  12. Come, friendly bombs, and call on Slough, It isn't fit for humans now

  13. Come, friendly bombs, and call on Slough, It isn't fit for humans, not ever and not now.

  14. Your issue seems to be with the ability for humans to interpret meaning. This is not a flaw of language - it's directly borne from the subjectivity of experiencing the language (i.e. accepting the transfer of meaning, and then processing the meaning transferred). Language is meaningless outside the context it's used in, and it therefore can't be divorced from that context into a higher-order "make you know the thing". This is why I was asking you to read Wittgenstein.

  15. No, there's no paradox. Please follow my other set of replies for the answer to your second question (if I've interpreted it correctly).

  16. Ah sorry, I'm on a mobile and it's a pain in the arse to navigate multiple threads, I can barely even maintain continuity within the same one

  17. My hands haven't changed size since I was her age so as long as he had a pair of women's gloves then she'd likely be fine. The helmet thi... Idk about my head size tbh. But I know a lot of bikers who have an adult Small helmet for chicks

  18. Especially the ones in long term relationships?

  19. Lol fair warning to anyone who doesn't know. don't fo this unless you wanna see some gun hentai

  20. I feel like he really enjoyed the feeling of the moss he landed on, especially how he pecked at it and shoved his face into it. It would be like experiencing shag rug carpet for the first time, especially since I assume birds generally land on/perch on rather hard sticks.

  21. I'm not sure you're supposed to take the name of that rug literally when you"first experience it"

  22. Interesting, thank you for this, I suppose it reaffirms to the need to be sceptical about everything especially "facts" that fit ones world view.

  23. Great Depression, and that also starved many people. Especially homeless. Of which we also have plenty of. Living is expensive here

  24. I love this, please DM me a link if you have one!

  25. Incredible, thanks! (For some reason it won't let me reply)

  26. Fun fact, Hippos are amazing swimmers and rarely need to touch the bottom! EDIT it's a joke guys due to the amount of people repeating the same fact about hippos running on the bottom.

  27. Photo of mum literally touching the bottom

  28. You can’t get secondhand anything from sitting next to someone drinking. You can get a lot issues from secondhand smoke esp. if you’re consistently exposed to you in a place like your workplace breakroom.

  29. Spittle? Hugs? Professions of undying love? Boredom? Entertainment?

  30. I'm not vegetarian or vegan, eat as much meat as you want, I just think this guy made a good point. If people are okay basically paying for the murder of animals, why are they outraged at zoophilia? An equally awful thing to do to something living.

  31. I was talking about a point that vegans could potentially make, not arguing it myself.

  32. I fear you're alienating both the meat eaters and the vegans.

  33. It's an honorary certificate but they ham it up, like the extra effort that "posh" couple make an extra effort to put on all the airs and graces.

  34. The Russian people's leaders were responsible for many of their deaths but otherwise cool facts bro

  35. not at all. but i think you should take a history lesson

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