1. He's always had a second wind before.

  2. He's getting into different types of fights in the UFC, he's taken a role as a fan favorite fire fighter

  3. Spike is a bit of a comeback King at this point. In his last 3 fights he was losing up until the moment he won. Can't count him out of any fight.

  4. Surely if he's behind vs B league guys, AJ should be a huge favorite.

  5. Excuse my skepticism but they 'say' lots and do lots less

  6. Good to be sceptical, but in this case you are likely misinformed.

  7. Colby gonna sit out till his next title shot, dudes resume is trash

  8. I don't want Colby to get a 3rd shot without several quality wins, and maybe its different in fight sports but...In many other sports if you keep taking the best guy in the world and giving him all he can handle, the guy respects you a crap-ton, yeah its not a win, but i would say it does add to your resume.

  9. I think matching up well with the champ doesnt mean you match up well with contenders

  10. I'm just saying highly competitive fights against an Usman who looked ready and good, it should add to your resume.

  11. I hate being 5’9 as a man it fucking sucks but, it’s something that you shouldn’t lie about. It’s just dishonest and kind of shitty, everyone has their preferences don’t make someone settle for you.

  12. 5 feet 9 is about average or greater than average, in most Western countries.

  13. Intentionally appearing taller is no different than lying, no? And I’m the shortest of my friends and I know of very men that are shorter than me.

  14. In my case, I wear Hoka's because they are good for me.

  15. Imagine having to beat Yan and still not having the title.

  16. Yawn. Heard it all before. Gun crime is rising. Clearly it didn't work. Keep denying it all you want mate.

  17. Perhaps learn to make the burgers and eat them for dinner?

  18. Mayonnaise, use a decent one (kewpie or bestfoods or heinz). Say 200g.

  19. I’ve used MFP for as long as I can remember and I’ve lost 60kg so I can highly recommend it.

  20. You really need to write a budget in these posts, lol

  21. And what I kind of learned from your advice is that I should kind of make it clear if I am attracted to the girl and want to sleep with her? I am usually a bit afraid to show my intentions because I might be giving a creep vibe.

  22. This is exactly what you need to learn.

  23. It's fucked me so many times brother (the connection thing) where I have genuinely not gone in with a beta-mindset but more-so thoughts of 'she seems really lovely, maybe let me try things differently this time' and you just get categorised as a pal LOL.

  24. Indeed, its nice sharing experiences and feeling validated here, but unfortunately that doesn't change the situation - that's the game we have to play. It fucking sucks that everything else seems right, but you're working against a ruthless clock. But as you said, either learn from your [supposed] 'mistakes' or likely suffer the consequences again.

  25. Well of course he does. Pereira is a much more winnable fight than doing what is common sense, if he beats Cannonier, which is moving up. With Jan, Glover and Jiri, he gets washed regardless whose champ at that time.

  26. Yeah bro, Izzy is scared of daring to be great.

  27. Grifting/dearth of values tend to cause a grouping.

  28. He damaged his hands or wrists or w/e quite badly. Both left and right.

  29. Exactly.. and discipline (not motivation), being the key

  30. There's a file floating around somewhere with passing percentage by degree for Otago. Can't find it now unfortunately, but all health professional programs had something like 98-100% passing rate each year. Once you're in it's relatively hard to fail out unless you choose to drop out, you get quite a few chances to try things again.

  31. I failed 2nd year, and didn't get to sit the exam at the end of next year.

  32. so what you are saying is he isnt the best player? its like saying luka was losing to golden state and clippers and was unlucky, if u want to be the best u need to beat the best

  33. You currently have medium covid, not long covid. Pretty common after omicron if you Google reputable sources (15-40% pop).

  34. Ah, i figured you meant those in the end, but had disregarded them due to the reviews (dirty apparently).

  35. I found them quite good, used them in a few meals now and no complaints.

  36. Thanks for the review, will consider buying them

  37. I almost guarantee you would not prefer an honest explanation.

  38. That's an incredible thing to say to someone you don't know at all.

  39. It depends, though. I've had situations where a girl has been great on paper but it just hasn't made sense due to chemistry or something relatively niggling/minor that they can't really fix.

  40. You should have the judgment to assess whether the feedback is something worthy or not. But getting it is good. Its more information, and leads to clarity.

  41. That's more succinct than I can ever imagine him to be.

  42. It's fucking awful. I moved here when I was an infant, and its a shame to be judged in so many ways by strangers, without/before having an opportunity to present myself.

  43. Yeah bro it sucks, but life is not fair. All you can do is be a good ambassador for us folk, and try change people's minds one at a time through kind actions.

  44. I always want to present myself as best as possible in person (for my own sake), and I have had a lot of feedback in terms of interactions and professionally that I am indeed a 'good un.' Although everyone is treated well by colleagues, I'm treated as an equal much more so than other Indians because the rest are far more recent immigrants who do have a bit of language and cultural barrier.

  45. Yes, fucked me off the the other day when I needed my brand of toothpaste (which is usually always on special for $3:99) suddenly went up to to normal price ($9:49) for a week. Had to buy the shitty Macleans instead.

  46. My solution is just to buy enough shit on special, and keep stocking up when its on special, especially for non perishables.

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