Squidward's Bizarre Adventure - Clarinet is Unbreakable

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  1. Lost my dad last year when I was 16, he never even got to see me get my license

  2. New game plus takes the Pokémon from the save file you selected it on, puts them all in your pc and makes them level 5

  3. You have to go into the files and delete the preexisting double hypno fusion, then you’ll get the creepy one

  4. Jimmy slowly ruining Irene’s life just for money

  5. Model credits: Model by Scott/Illumix, fixed by Holopaxume and Thudner, Ported by Mountroid, ST Material help by WilliamWee and KirbsStuffs

  6. Well with him arriving, Josuke decides to cheat in a game of cee-lo against Roahn. This leads to Rohan's house getting burned down. This leads to Rohan calling Masazo Kinoto to his house, who has already been given a stand by the arrow. Rohan gets Cheap Trick, and goes to the ghost alley to get rid of him. This leads to Remi finding out that Hayato is investigating Kira (disguised as Kosakou). This leads to the Morioh Warriors deciding to interrogate Hayato about his father, leading to the defeat of Kira. So maybe not too important at first glance, he does have a crucial mark in the story.

  7. How did you "reconnect?" Because I have had a lot of men I barely knew message me out of nowhere after being no-contact for years and it always makes me incredibly uncomfortable because I kind of just assume that they are trying to hit on me or smthg. I usually end up ghosting them just because I can't figure out what the fuck they want from me.

  8. I asked her if she would like to start talking again. She said that she wouldn’t mind. So like 2 days later I just basically asked her how it’s been going. We talked about our favorite animes, and we sent some memes to each other.

  9. Ok, doesn't sound too bad. Like, it's still possible that she is only responding to you because she is trying to be polite and I think it's worth investigating that possibility. But it could also be a myriad other reasons. Like maybe this is just her communication style or maybe she has other things on her mind. Really hard to tell without more detail.

  10. Yeah, I can’t even really tell either. I might try again some other time. Thank you for the response

  11. SIAMÉS - A humanoid stand that allows me to distort any object it touches. I could turn a door into a perfect circle, or a person's skeleton into the shape of a chair. It could also work as a healer, I could distort a large gash on someone into a small cut.

  12. I also lost my father. He loved AC/DC, Metallica, Led Zeppelin, all the old rock bands like that. I remember he’d always play Thunderstruck in his truck when I was little.

  13. “Well, the 60’s were fun, but now I’m paying for it”

  14. Song is Godzilla's Revenge (1969) - OST: Cute Kid Theme / Monsters Fight

  15. He’s been on and off on his channel for like 4 years now. It sucks what Keemstar did to him, I really used to enjoy his content.

  16. Sometimes when you see someone struggling with addiction their whole life it’s almost a relief to see them go because you’re not constantly worried and they’re not constantly in a mental battle with themselves. So sorry for your loss you do seem very strong ❤️ just try not to keep it in if you do get sad, it’s okay to let it out.

  17. I do feel better that he is no longer struggling. Thank you very much!

  18. Whole entire Titan fight from Infinity War is peak marvel action to me

  19. Well I introduced my dad to Jojo last year when he was 52, so I’d say yeah

  20. The clearest cheer I remember is Robert Downey It’s name and signature appearing in the credits of Endgame

  21. Something that makes it clearer that Ghidorah is taking over Mechagodzilla (I noticed a lot of casual viewers don't really catch that, and they assume Mechagodzilla just came to life and is evil)

  22. Maybe adding Ghidorah’s theme to the taking over moment?

  23. CGI haters when they realize CGI had to be used in a movie (They expected Tom Holland to really swing around and fight Willem Dafoe)

  24. The dude also made a Spongebob version of "End of The World" and "Traitor's Requiem"

  25. The only thing I'm concerned with is if they try to paint Thanos as a good guy now, and his whole "decimation-of-half-the-universe" plan was just to try to stop the Celestials from destroying anymore planets

  26. Fighting a lesbian fish as a murderous genderless child

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