1. that's pretty dark. he's lashing out because he's hurting, and wishing bad on ppl isn't healthy

  2. Yeah, but that does not excuse his actions, and does not mean he deserves to be forgiven.

  3. I have no idea why you were downvoted for saying that. The writers have made it clear the Willow and Michael feel she's Wiley's mom. And plenty of adult women are capable of loving their adopted and stepchildren children just as much as their own.

  4. I didn't say step/adoptive parents can't or don't love their step/adoptive children. I'm saying in the context of a soap opera, it would be great for Willow to be taken down a peg, and shown to not to be the patron saint of motherhood everyone makes her out to be

  5. Touched a nerve I see. Nowhere was it said ALL step-parents ignore their step/adoptive children, but there definitely are.

  6. Well her kid is like a year old, of course he’s big. Babies grow

  7. Personally, I’d rather my giant newborn live with its wealthy mayor Grandma, than be in prison with me. I’d just make sure Laura came with it to visit. I can’t imagine exposing it to the psychos as Springridge

  8. I knew he wasn't gonna be in that tack room anymore! Austin was acting shady.

  9. I don’t think he had a hand in it. Mason is clearly going to use it as leverage over him (since they’re obviously pairing him up with Ava now)

  10. She is headed for prison, and legally he and Laura would be next of kin since Nik is MIA. They would be the first in line for guardianship of the baby. It’s not exactly stealing

  11. Seriously, HER!?!? What about Sasha as MOA, she's been a good, loyal friend (even with the fake Chase affair)

  12. SORAS Georgie and Jake to be the same age, put them together, and see Spinelli start floating a foot off the ground, because his daughter and Stone Cold’s son are an item

  13. But Esme being Ryan’s daughter would still make Ace the next gen Chamberlin. Esme is a Chamberlin (not in name but DNA) making Ace a Chamberlin (and Webber, Cassadine, and Webber again)

  14. Me too. Hat daddy making excuses is absurd. Even if Curtis and she never reconnected, it was wrong to keep Trina’s potential paternity a secret. Trina deserved to know, Marcus deservd to know, and Curtis deserved to know.

  15. I have to say, I am kinds pumped for these two. Unlike another “young couple” on the canvas who shall remain nameless, these two have CHEMISTRY! Their story feels genuine (for a soap), and Trina calls Spencer on his shiz. She genuinely makes him shape up and be better, or as better a Cassadine can be). plus it’s not one sided, he’s marking her better too, she’s bolder, more assertive, and is not letting others bulldoze over her. I want them to be this gen’s super couple

  16. Wow that was a "Drop Dead" turn your back on her by Willow.

  17. Nina should not have mentioned Nelle, just say it should be Willows, and maybe Willow could share the heart with the toddler she just gave birth to

  18. Should have started chemo immediately, then try for a baby after being cured

  19. That’s because Sasha’s tragedy was out of her control. Willow was a moron. She could have started treatment, and tried again if they lost the baby. instead she is potentially leaving two children Motherless

  20. It makes sense that she heard the voice of her partner not her arch nemesis she just learned was her mother. Willow keeps passing out every time Nina approaches her. She would have gone with Harmony instead of going to Nina.

  21. But this is a metaphysical thing we’re talking about, not any conscious decisions. it would speak to the idea that “a mother’s love” can overcome anything. Plus they were both saying how Willow needs to return for her children.

  22. She's just found out she's her mother. Nina has only just adjusted her attitude toward Willow. You don't go from actively hating someone to causing them to shy away from death because of a random bio connection you learned about 2 minutes ago.

  23. You do realize this is not a real thing that happens right? And like I said, it’s not a conscious decision on Willow’s part. She’s in this ether, potentially going towards death, and she hears a voice saying her kids need her, snapping her back from Ghost Harmony.

  24. With any luck they'll be wheeling Willow out of the room next. To the morgue.

  25. She was pretty dumb there. Go to Sonny, Avary’s other parent, and warn him. Sonny has the resources to protect her, and for the time being, she will stay with him. Sonny is bonking her BFF, so I’m sure Ava could see her any time she wishes., now she’ll have to deal with (potential) murder charges, Victor will want revenge, and if she’s caught, she loses Avary anyway.

  26. She was pretty dumb there. Go to Sonny, Avary’s other parent, and warn him. Sonny has the resources to protect her, and for the time being, she will stay with him. Sonny is bonking her BFF, so I’m sure Ava could see her any time she wishes., now she’ll have to deal with (potential) murder charges, Victor will want revenge, and if she’s caught, she loses Avary anyway.

  27. I will throw hands if they name Baby Mayo in anyway after Carly. Imagine if they name her Lauren after Willow’s OTHER sister (obviously not given the history)

  28. Please do NOT ... DO... NOT tell me willow is about to forgive Carly so fuxking easily but yet still hold her petty BS grudges against Nina? I hope not because that's so hypocritical.

  29. That’s it, I want the cancer to take her and baby mayo

  30. I still want to know why her announcement would prevent him from calling the cops on her

  31. Exactly. Babies are born in prison all the time. She'd get prenatal care, and when the baby pops out, Nik can take it

  32. Being a U.S. citizen doesn’t grant you a way to bring people over just because he’s with them. If it was about sponsoring then it’s just paperwork to be filled out and he doesn’t need to be there with her. Why does everyone think Jovi can make decisions that Yara can’t? She’s not a complete idiot, at least no more than Jovi is. She’s not even going to Ukraine, there are no risks and there never was any risks to her traveling to where her mom is. He’s so stupid he thinks she’s going to Ukraine and rescue everyone she knows and fight Russian soldiers.

  33. It's not about her making decisions. It's about the US government being obstructionist, and a US citizen being more likely to get the government to respond. And yeah, it's "just paperwork", but again, we may throw up hurdles because it will look just like he's just bringing Ukranians to the US from afar. Being there in person shows that he is invested.

  34. She’s only going to see her mom, she’s not going to Ukraine. And I mentioned the sponsor thing because OP was talking about Jovi is needed as a US citizen. Her helping people can look like varieties of ways but she’s not talking about going to Ukraine.

  35. They were talking about getting her mother back to the US. Despite her being in a safe country at the moment, that still requires dealing with the US state department. This isn't about thinking US citizens are magic, it's about the US government being obstructionist, and would give a hew green card holder a harder time. And yes, the government DOES respond better when dealing with an American and one in person. He is literally asking her to wait an extra week or two. Also, him there would allow Yara and her mom to figure things out, while he takes care of Mylah

  36. Here's one thing I've discovered about real-life doctors. Older doctors who have been in practice for a long time may have many years' worth of experience under their belt, but they might not be 100% up to date on the latest research in whatever field they specialize in. Younger doctors might not have as much experience, but since they are fresh out of medical school, they know more about the latest discoveries.

  37. Well there is a balance. Those fresh out of med school are up to date may be up on the lastest procedures/theories, but they are very green. I'm thinking people being about 10 years on the job. Still flexible and up on the latest news, but not so fresh without real world experience

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