1. Tons of amendments dramatically altering the final trajectory of the bill = Good

  2. What dramatic alterations are you talking about? Have you read the actual bill?

  3. Sorry you had a hard pregnancy. Thankfully that is not the norm. Many women feel better and have more energy when pregnant. Pregnancy isn’t a death sentence not is it this terrible procedure that everyone has to endure. Certainly yours was tough and I’m sorry for that but it simply isn’t the case for everyone.

  4. Thanks! Looks like she’s accomplished absolutely nothing other than a lot of talking.

  5. Nah. She’s voted on and brought forth plenty of legislation. Talk IS part of the job though.

  6. Absolutely. Work provides and forces a structure on me. Forces body doubling and forces performance. I excel at it, I get recognized for it. After work, I crumble into my ADHD self.

  7. She did, she called her husband warning him not to publish the book:

  8. They should be as flared up as possible. Your hands and shoulders are only used to keep the bar in place. The flared elbows position your arms so that they keep your chest up and load of the bar on your body (not in your arm/shoulder).

  9. Stupid fucks in that thread don’t get that the Biden campaign grabbing at the middle is why there were lost seats down ticket, and state legislatures didn’t flip.

  10. Trump isn’t just any fascist, he’s an UNWITTING fascist. He doesn’t really even know he’s doing it. Imagine if it were someone who had a clue...

  11. "Most of those interviewed said they were not aware of any discrimination"

  12. On top of all the reasons posted, a lot of native speakers have regional accents (or straight up use dialects that aren't mutually intelligible with Mandarin). This is especially true for older and/or perhaps less educated native speakers.

  13. Same problem here. Good luck to ya man...big infestation this year here.

  14. Social_media_ate_me mentioned “宠” chong3 and I hear that the most.

  15. Oh it's not a part of the name. I googled KingStar and found other similar album covers and 國樂團 is the genre of the album in this case.

  16. No. There are apps out there but they're shady/shoddy. I gave up on all of them and just bought an adapter:

  17. I wonder if any alarm on the model 3 went off? Thought there was a feature that’s supposed to flash the lights and play loud music.

  18. Yeah what's sentry mode good for if not this scenario? At least the cameras went off.

  19. It's all about practice. The more you do, the more variations you'll see. You probably won't see every variation you practiced when it's test time but you'll at least know how to approach them.

  20. 1008 [A]: even though it's uncomfortable, that's even more reason to respect it

  21. Possibly a dumb question here, but why does the 東 in the middle of the character for orchid look instead like the start of 各? Is that a common shorthand alternative?

  22. When did they point out that correcting for socioeconomic status accounts for the disparities? As far as I know they stopped recording the ethnicity of criminals altogether a couple years back

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