1. I fully agree with you on all fronts here, except the fact that if the police were called on your son, there is a very real chance the police will perceive him as a threat to them. In America, we all know how that ends. The dispatcher lacked self control in his words yes, but it was not an absolutely insane out of left field response with zero truth.

  2. Yeah, I suppose that's a legitimate concern in the US though it does sound kinda insane!

  3. A lot of them are already on the defensive. Nothing wrong with liking anime, nothing wrong with liking figurines. But the jailbait stuff is weird no matter how you view it. And this is a post about red flag hobbies lol

  4. Exactly, that's why I upvoted the original comment. I own about 15 figurines, none are sexual in nature, I just like having characters from my favourite shows.

  5. What about those sexual anime figurines? I get liking Anime, but when your room is full of jailbait anime girls in bathing suits or lewd poses, there’s something not so chill going on there lol

  6. I agree, I own some figurines, but I basically ended up having more male figurines than female ones specifically to avoid looking like that !

  7. May want to look twice before commenting then

  8. Yeah right I deceived 450 people and you're clearly a genius. It is a single set you dumbass. Everyone got it except you, way to show off.

  9. You can get the intent from the last pannel alone. Still failed to use the template properly.

  10. I'd be happy to buy them from Amazon, hope they'll be available there at some point.

  11. I thought you meant 16 000$ ... And I wouldn't put it past some people on this sub to be honest !

  12. I got a lot of prize figurines, but given that there are barely any good scale figurines for Tensura Slime, I'm happy with those. Not planning to buy any more figurines for a while though.

  13. I don't wanna see anyone dying for just shock factor just for sake of it speically in a super high fantasy world like slime where dead can be brought back is something shown very early in the series given the circumstances

  14. Oh it's absolutely one of my favorite novels ever as well! I simply prefer the volumes that mix action AND slower pace :)

  15. That will never happen! And I wouldn't drop the novel, it remains one of my all time favorites.

  16. I feel like if I buy this, I would be very disappointed

  17. I don't know about their OPM line, but I've yet to be disappointed by their Slime figurines. Well worth the 25-30 euros, with a wide variety in cast.

  18. Good point, might work. I haven't visited one since I started... Well, buying all my books or going digital.

  19. It's impressive how many Light Novels are translated into Thai ! Granted you're about thrice as numerous as I thought, after a quick google check, so maybe it's not that surprising. By the way, it's my first time seeing written Thai, it looks very unique !

  20. Manga adaptations tend to be mediocre at best, so not much of a loss

  21. This isn't a Light Novel adaptation ! I meant that the LN industry is barely even a thing in France, which forces me to purchase them all in English...

  22. I thought it wasn't such a big pile and I don't consider myself to be a weeb... Different standards I guess lmao

  23. Yes yes obviously, it was just simpler to designate both sides as "good" and "bad", as that's what the viewer/reader first perceives, out of pure ignorance and context setting.

  24. I find that there are many Light Novels that I'd call well-written these days, they are light in size but not in content, if you're ever interested I'd recommend checking out :

  25. Is the saga of Tanya better than the anime or is the anime pretty accurate? I've only watched the first season of the anime so far though, I think they came out with a second recently?

  26. Not much different then an anime/comic con except people are not dressed up.

  27. Nah it looks much worse. Cosplayers often look pretty good even without the outfits!

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