1. My first request when booking studio time: Please put Dynaudios up instead of NS-10s. Second request: Please put a standard mouse at the the PT rig.

  2. You have this exactly backwards. The louder the sidechain source the more the compressor reduces the volume of the target track.

  3. The MK3 is going from the laptop headphones jack with a 3.5mm to 1/4" to the mixer.

  4. Do you mean have an audio interface between the laptop and the mixer? The thing is, I can go from the headphone jack to the mixer and normally it's fine. But now that I've added the usb/MIDI adaptor to the setup that's when the issue comes up. It's the same with the DR-202. If I listen thru headphones it sounds normal and I usually connect it to my mixer thru the headphones jack (and a noise reducer pedal) and I don't have any issues.

  5. Connecting with headphone jacks will give you all sorts of issues.

  6. Very cool — how do you go about coming up with checklist items?

  7. Thank you. That always worked in Old Reddit. In New Reddit on Chrome it doesn't seem to be consistent, usually I just see the ">".

  8. Well that's kind of my point is I don't think most audio engineers do/can and why I was saying AFAIK most audio engineering programs aren't teaching the EE skills needed to design and maintain audio hardware. And I'd assume your average mixing engineer doesn't really know the inner workings of the circuit design on the outboard gear they use.

  9. When we hire the first two things we ask a candidate to do is wrap a cable and solder an XLR connector. If they can't do these two simple things they won't be much help in the studio.

  10. Interesting. Although TBF I'm sure I could do those things given some tutorials and practice, that's a definitely a bit different than having working knowledge of the circuit design of a compressor/EQ/other rack device.

  11. The mechanic who fixes your car never once designs an engine and yet they will understand exactly how each and every component works so that they are able to diagnose, maintain and repair your car.

  12. Oh snap, i forgot to mention that because I'm using a modeller, my speaker isn't nearly loud enough to keep up with the rest of the band. I thought this would help with that.

  13. Sounds like a louder amp for the modeler would accomplish what you want.

  14. Do i need to buy something like a FRFR or just a normal speaker. I dont have a very high budget and i know FRFRs can run upwards of 300 dollars right ?

  15. Why? The vocoder tracks are going to be 10000% different than the lead vocal why would you copy and paste processing??

  16. The same subtle things a hardware LA-2A is. Vocals, guitars, snare drums, bass guitars, acoustic guitars. The LA-2A doesn't squash things nearly aggressively enough to use for parallel compression. Look to an 1176 or SSL Buss Comp for this.

  17. Seeing as this occurs after a few minutes after turning the unit on it seems a safe guess that it is a tube issue. It probably takes 3-5 minutes for the tubes to warm up. You have 2 options:

  18. Thank you so much for the reply here! After some more troubleshooting I definitely agree with you - it really seems like the tube. Maybe it got dislodged during shipping or something. I've contacted the vendor and am ultimately going to swap out for another new one (and hope I have no more finicky tube issues!). Cheers again, thanks for the help.

  19. Cool, tubes are such a weird antiquated technology that it is shocking they are still around except that THEY SOUND SO GOOD. I went a little nuts earlier this year and stocked up on tubes for all of my gear in case Russia totally got cut off from exporting and China kept factories closed post-Covid.

  20. I use both all of the time on guitar cabs. Want to emphasize the highs? e609. Want to emphasize midrange punch? 57.

  21. Please read the rules of the sub before posting. Music can only be posted in the Weekly Threads.

  22. Definitely not. Revolver was full of those bizarre stereo choices, like panning the entire rhythm section of Taxman hard left.

  23. Keep in mind that panning on the desk at Abbey Road at that time was a 3 position switch not a potentiometer. So the only choices were hard left, center hard right.

  24. Consider Microphone —> 500 series pre —> new interface —> DAW. If you are going to invest in upgrading your pres it doesn't make much sense to then run them through cheaper preamps afterward. Also: look into CAPI 500 series kits. I love their VP26 for snare and kick.

  25. The surround plugins mixers ask for the most when they work in one of our Atmos mix rooms are Liquidsonics Seventh Heaven and Cinematic rooms, Nugen Halo and Cargo Cult spanner. Other than those they are using standard stuff from Fab Filter, Magic Death Eye, Sound Toys, UAD. etc. Please note: there is no bus compression in Atmos.

  26. Dolby actually came out with a „sort of mastering tool“ for atmos recently where they apply some bus compression to the whole sum at least. Might be worth checking out.

  27. The built-in EQ and limiter are both pretty lousy. And the way Album Assembler reassigns object numbers is weird.

  28. Wow #4 here is crazy! That's like RCA saying "don't pan dry drums to the left, we wouldn't want people sampling those, would we?"

  29. Sure, but if they are paying the bill you need to follow their specifications.

  30. I know the specs, it was at the beginning when I was not really following the specs. But now I'm following all the specs. But I now that almost all the mix doesn't respect all the guidelines. I know that the Atmos mix of Hypnotize by Biggie is above -18LKFS. The song is very loud compared to other Atmos mix.

  31. I will check out the Bigge ADM. I have found some that seem louder because they ride at true peak of -1 without going lower than -18. Mike Dean is very good at this.

  32. Logic is always safe as Apple updates it simultaneously with MacOS. Currently AVID notes that Pro Tools is compatible with Monterey but not Ventura. As noted by

  33. "Is the 0dbvu on average the appropriate level?" Are you mixing on an analog desk?

  34. Digital actually, should I just ignore the VU meter thing?

  35. Well, 0dBvu is a measurement of an analog signal, so I am not sure what the meter you are using is measuring or how accurately.

  36. Please consider a used KSM32. This is a much more versatile mic that can serve as a workhorse LDC for the rest of your career.

  37. Hmmm EQ eight and compression, that´s it? Thank you so much...

  38. To keep the identity of an upright you have to keep it fairly natural sounding. If you mess with it too much it loses character just sounds like an electric bass with flatwound strings.

  39. which is also cool, but you don’t pay all that money for an upright to sound like a fretless electric

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