1. “I’m Writing a Novel (Because It’s Never Been Done Before)”

  2. I love Lowe. The teachers, PTA, and staff are fantastic. They are really focused on their kids, and the community atmosphere is great. No banning books or religions. They literally just had a cultural fair where different religions, foods, writing styles, and traditions were celebrated. So inclusive. I have never had a complaint about JCPS sans the bussing, and the unwillingness of taxpayers to pony up more money so we can better fund our schools. That being said I also live in an affluent area that hasn't suffered from underfunding. I will say that due to bussing I knew my daughter was going to have to go to Westport Middle School so I sold my house and moved out of the then cluster (circa 2008). It use to be hit or miss but Dr. Marty Polio is really turning things around. At this point, I would still pick public school over private in this area.

  3. They have nothing to do with Kentucky, but I love Fleet Foxes’ first two albums for driving around RRG. I can’t ever go and not listen to them.

  4. Hearing Ragged Wood for the first time, I was like “Why is this My Morning Jacket song on a Fleet Foxes album?” Even the line about Baringer Hill fits - since that’s the name of a hill in Cherokee Park in Louisville. Robin sounds like Jim on it and I’d love to hear an MMJ cover of it.

  5. The biggest tell is the "I love history" comment. That's what these boneheads say, every single time, and they don't know the first thing about it.

  6. Or to prevent family members from walking into your room while you are jerking off unaware

  7. A carton of Marlboro Reds in the box. If I came home with soft packs, my dad would hit the roof.

  8. TSA Precheck. $85 for 5 years. Saves so much time and hassle with security.

  9. If they don't want abortions, don't get one. If they don't like gay marriage, don't perform them in your church. If they don't like... It's not about what they say it's about, it's about control and exerting their own will onto a chaotic world which doesn't adhere to their chosen belief system.

  10. Were you able to find a partner for the couples skate slow jam?

  11. Crazy Bread is tricky, but I think OP nailed the wine pairing.

  12. I’ve actually won a long drive off the cart path… par 5 with a creek and cart path cutting across the hole. I figured fuck it I’ll go for it. Came up short but hit it right off the path, bounced about 40 yards over the creek and rolled a bunch. ended up with a 340 yard drive which is about 100 yards longer than my norm.

  13. I’m in your neighborhood as far as distance and I won a long drive because I was literally the only person to keep it in the very narrow fairway during my company scramble. Still have the cheap little trophy.

  14. This is a rule at my bar. No news/politics and no fighting (boxing/MMA/UFC). There were literally no sports on the other day but they were showing dog agility contests on ESPN so that’s what we put on the TVs.

  15. Terrible to have my wallet in a back pocket. Have to take it out every time I sit somewhere.

  16. I spent 3 mos as an apprentice, after 3 years doing resi finish. Too much hate and racism and bullshit. Too many assholes. I own a remodel focused GC now…

  17. My first job I asked my boss a couple of questions so I could better understand what we were going to be doing that day and he said, “Son, stop asking me questions. If I tell you it’s Easter, go home and dye eggs.” So much for learning anything.

  18. Hey Norton Commons, the 1960's called. They want their white flight back.

  19. But the houses are close together and we all have golf carts!

  20. Did he snap it first ? That’s also funsies. The warning he’s comin

  21. You could hear the metal buckle clanking as he walked toward your room.

  22. To be made a saint in-a the catholic church, you have to have-a four miracles. That's-a the rules, you know. It's-a always been that-a. Four miracles, and-a to prove it. Well, this-a Mother Seton, now they could only prove-a three miracles.

  23. Big bully realizing the smaller kid he picked a fight with isn’t a pushover. Now he wants to call it a draw but he gets to keep the kid’s phone and wallet? Nah.

  24. Citadel has a rocket aimed at VMI’s campus but not specifically the 50 yard line so technically the truth I suppose.

  25. LSU has two cannon that fired on Fort Sumter, given by Sherman (who was our first President). Guess which direction they face?

  26. Your mascot is based on a nickname for a Louisiana confederate unit if I’m not mistaken. Also the only casualty from fort Sumter came from when the union was allowed to fire a salute to lower the flag and one of their guns misfired killing some of the union troops.

  27. When a friend first moved to the Deep South from the Midwest, she ordered hot tea in a restaurant and they took a glass of iced tea and microwaved it. The server brought it to the table using a towel because it was too hot to hold with bare hands.

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