Deshaun Watson plans to waive his no-trade clause to the #Browns, sources tell me and @TomPelissero . Yes, the Browns!! Trade compensation still to be finalized with the #Texans, but Watson has made his choice: He expects to go to Cleveland.

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  1. I’m aware of Deerfield but that’s more kinda Central/west. My dream is one in the Great Barrington/Lee/Pittsfield area.

  2. They should buy the old GE/Sabic in Pittsfield. Plenty of empty manufacturing space lol

  3. Eastbound Jesus. Alt-Country/Bluegrass-ish. Great live show.

  4. When they first started doing shows, I would go to almost every single one. Having kids has made that harder, and they definitely don't "tour" like they used to. But man, are they awesome. Not just one of my favorite local bands, one of my favs overall.

  5. What a loss. My father got to know him through his state worker parties and events. It's a wonder anything ever got done in the AGs office in the 80s, with all the time they spent calling into the show and going to the Breakfast Clubs.

  6. They are permanently closed, according to a former manager

  7. Bills fans will welcome all defectors with open arms. Fuck Deshaun Watson.

  8. Unions and welfare are anti-worker platforms.

  9. Maybe The Hollow in Albany? It's a little bigger, says 300 capacity from what I'm seeing online but a good venue for a small show with attached bar & restaurant.

  10. I'd second The Hollow. I've seen similar bands there (Mallett Brothers, Eastbound Jesus) and it's a great venue IMO

  11. I think I'm in the minority, but I honestly feel worse now about last week. And I'm happy for no one.

  12. I called in today. There was no way I could deal with my job after last night.

  13. I'm going to puke before kickoff. I can't take the stress.


  15. My over/under on puking before game time is 2. I'm taking the over, and I'm not even drinking yet

  16. Pretty much Josh Allen's worst day passing, and we still win by 14.

  17. I'll admit to going over the deep end after the New England game. But if we've got our full OL healthy going forward, we can beat anyone. If we keep losing guys, we're in deep shit.

  18. Idk how we can hold him behind Sanders any more. I love Sanders enthusiasm for the game and veteran leadership, but Davis is the better player.

  19. Ok. Mac Jones really burned the house down tonight, your right. Our line is below average. He keeps plays alive. Does Mahones hold on to the ball too long too?

  20. Mahomes has played in two Super Bowls, winning one. Let me know when Josh Allen does that.

  21. Go root for a the pats, chiefs or packers then. Get your bandwagon ass out of here.

  22. Go gatekeep fandom for some other team. Sorry you can live with losing. I've rooted for this team for 30 years. I'm expecting more from a guy they decided to pay 250 million dollars after one good year.

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