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Megathread: FBI Searches Former President Donald Trump's Florida Home

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  1. The Right and The Left are made of up hundreds of millions of people.

  2. I used to work for the Rocky production back in Boston in 2005-6 and man, the memories.

  3. Ey I was in the audience at Church St in Hahved on a regular basis around then. Excellent times~

  4. "Can you believe this asshole knocked the shiny thing off the side of my truck??"

  5. Hmm, are there any hard rules to how the ABC will be typed in or generated? Hoping for there always being a space before or after it so that you can look for " ABC" or "ABC ".

  6. No way that I know of unfortunately to make a Dynamic Block take on Annotative properties (like Anno Text or Anno Dims) to display a certain way in a viewport.

  7. don't think simp is a well-chosen term here, let's say fan or warrior.

  8. Good lord, what on earth is going on in Chicago

  9. Great question~ Unfortunatelty, I move around way too much, and don't indulge as often as I ought to~

  10. Well we all know there is no such thing as climate change as its a hoax!

  11. $20 says by tomorrow Trump issues a PR insisting all he ever did at the White House was get coffee.

  12. Can he even afford to pay a PR firm? Seems like he's been broke for decades

  13. Donall who? Tummp? Never heard of him, just been living life harvesting weeds and rocks in the Appalachia since my pappy dropped me here

  14. The past 6-7 years have taught me that laws are worth very little without smart people who are dedicated to protecting and upholding them constantly

  15. I'm smart, but smart enough that choosing politics isn't the best way for me to make money enough to retire on. Politics is unfortunately for dumb people who's parents were politicians.

  16. SOTU Halftime show, if I remember right, 1/2 shows never did them justice, but it brought fresh eyes on them though. I thought it was weird that they opened for the Misfits, but man oh man it was a killer show. Definetly (Jizmak comment). There are not really a whole lot of bands I ever wanted to meet, but GWAR was one of them. They all were very cool, glad I got to meet them

  17. Yea man, keeping new audience members is key after 20-30-40ish years. I dig their new singles for the traditional metal/pop aspects. They're not even phoning it in, really good songwriting with the new singles. The first year they offered a backstage VIP I was all over it. I've met Dave at the merch booth before, but having a moment of 'yes I love you Thi$ Much' was cool. I'm proud to throw money at them, keeping art alive~

  18. Fellow NewEngland-ish~ Saw them on Sounds of the Underground, but always so sad when they're not the closing headliner band :/

  19. Eh, make a text list with Mtext, with a line-item on every line.

  20. Fantastic~ I don't know what the deal is, but this year has the most beautiful clouds, much more noticeable than years past. Had nearly the same sunset a few times in the last week up in the NE part of the US

  21. "YOU HIT A WHAT?" - That guys insurance, probably

  22. Hail hail to the unsung heroes of concerts~ Riggers work harder and longer with much higher stakes than than anyone else on set. Very much respect to roadies and techs all the same.

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