1. Been there before a few times. Low and slow when people are watching. Me working is not a sitcom

  2. I take my doggo to Zoot off of 29. I called around to alot of places and Zoot seemed to be the only one that is ok with pitbulls. Everytime I go they are awesome. It's also easy to get refills for meds thru their app

  3. Looks like they have great reviews. I see it says luxury boarding, are they a luxury (expensive) vet clinic?

  4. I got a puppy package with all the shots and spayed with 3 months of heart worm meds and it was around 400. I say it's pretty fair. It's an all in one type of place. I never looked into the dog day care they offer but I can imagine it might be high

  5. It's like a nut sack for your nut sack. I might have to look into this. Sometimes when I carry Mexican carry it hurts.

  6. Looks like either a 550 or a 560. The TR switch's suck balls

  7. Engine is making me brain fart but it goes on a A10 or challenger 604

  8. I done that many times and one time I pushed the line up in the wing. It was a bad day

  9. They use em to slap someone with like a tortilla challenge and toss em when they're done

  10. Something good has come out of the travesty of them titties

  11. Gear wrench makes a lot of good stuff that has the same warranty as snap on

  12. I have a set of their ratcheting wrenches, and love them. I figured there was no way I "need" to spend tuition money on tools. I already have a large amount of the things I will need for the course. I'm not even close to taking powerplant courses yet either.

  13. Start slow. Been in the game for 26 years. I ran the basic stuff for about 8 years. Once you learn what you truly need then buy it. I always pay cash on the took trucks that way they will never own me. Also if you borrow a tool more than three timea you need to buy it.

  14. I want to say it's a helo engine. I am going to take a wild guess and say a H1

  15. I’m interested in aerospace, but I’ve heard from a few people that if you go that route, you can get stuck there. Any truth to that?

  16. It is a T56, not manufactured by Pratt and not from a C-2, and the S-2 was never equipped with a T56.

  17. I thought the cods ran the same engine as the c130. I am an old P3 guy and it's the same engine but upside down.

  18. Yes, The T56 was used on the C-130, P-3, E-2/C-2, as well as a few other modifieds over the years. It was never used on the S-2.

  19. The IA exam is a test of knowing how to look shit up. They have all the binders there that you can use and it's all open book.

  20. Did having it give you any noticeable advantages/ benefits? Just curious.

  21. It was resume candy for job shopping but on the other side of the coin having it and using it to sign off annuals put you at risk for alot of things.

  22. Nah. It's just a pain in the ass dealing with plane owners. They all want shit free and they threaten to not pay and say they will turn you in to the feds. Most plane owners think you put fuel in it and go. Never want to do maintenance and when you find shit broke they blame you for it.

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