Figured out how to script a Superbounce for my Lockout

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  1. Corporate leadership would be a Twin Turbo LS-Swap V10 auto with Ferrari intakes with drag slicks and a parachute.

  2. As someone into cars... This comment could provide some refueling

  3. This is a terrible story, a teacher at Onlyfans. Really terrible, this Onlyfans can log in there anyone and how do I get there and what is the name of this nasty teacher?

  4. I looked her up... There's much better content on OF.

  5. "It's supposed to be a challenge, that's why they call it a shortcut. If it was easy it would just be the way." - Rubin / Road Trip (2000)

  6. I mean most people throw away their trash

  7. Farmed it last time it was up. Two sets of armor, per character, is pretty sweet. I'd like the moonfang set a lot more without all the branding all over it.

  8. Titan moonfang in Honors of the Nine 🤤

  9. In German there's a catchy phrase with which you can remember the orde rof the planets but it obviously involves pluto and now I'm stuck.

  10. Theres an English mnemonic on as well e, My Very Eager Mother Just Served Us Nine Pizzas

  11. Valid source. Recursive sourcing?

  12. Biased, but while maybe not the coolest, state college is one of the truest. At least three hours from a major city and exists solely due to the university. Also a pretty cool place in my opinion

  13. I love how it's so divided by demographic based on what part of town you're in. Atherton & downtown? Nothing but students. Benner Pike? People, typically older, that live in state.

  14. Yes... But technically not a zombie movie since it was the Rage virus, not zombies.

  15. Carvana billboard? Those title withholding bastards!

  16. But their only loses were to Michigan and Ohio State... 2 top 5 teams

  17. PSU is an example of "Do what's expected," for a team. Which brings up an interesting question of how you rate a team like that. So many people emphasize a marquee win to justify a team being so high, or an embarrassing loss for them to be so low. But what is an accurate placement of a team beating all the teams behind them, and losing to the teams ahead of them? Maybe Washington should be ahead of us, but I would say it's about right.

  18. There's no perfect method.. Voting from experts or an algorithm is basically the only viable option.. and have it set to take into every potential data point to derive it's outcome. Other than that, it's just a cluster fuck of different ideas and valid (and not so valid) opinions.

  19. Who have they lost to aside from, until this weekend, 2 of the top 5 teams in the nation?

  20. So beating tougher competition with the same record means nothing. And they got smoked in both those games too. Not like it was close.

  21. So losing to unranked teams means nothing as well? Tennessee might've beat tougher teams, but they also lost, by big margins, to unranked teams. Yeah Penn State didn't beat Ohio State or Michigan... But they also didn't drop a game to unranked teams, they put them away and did what they needed to against them. Tennessee can't simply say oh we beat Alabama while completely ignoring they fact they also lost to undefeated teams.

  22. Defeating 3 ranked while unranked? I feel like you'd get ranked when you start taking down ranked schools.

  23. Get a black light and go to goodwill or an antique shop. Shine it on their dishes.

  24. But what if I'm looking for a uranium couch?

  25. I'm going to need a banana for scale

  26. Cowboy Kent Rollins on YouTube. Dude makes actual simple recipes in easy to follow steps. You don't have to be a master chef to follow him and he's got a super sweet southern old guy personality too

  27. Chuck roast is expensive because the market for them increased exponentially. So many cooking shows told people how to cook tasty meals with cheap cuts like chuck and hanger steak. But in doing so, made the price of "cheap cuts" expensive because now everyone got word of them and the market adjusted by increasing the price to where we are now.

  28. Maybe we can do the reverse and shit talk the good stuff.

  29. Tools. My dad would get so mad when I used his tools to fix my bike and left them outside. My selfish child brain would always say, “what’s the big deal? It’s just one wrench”.

  30. Even worse if you get tools from snap on

  31. The Citrus Ghost maybe? Just tastes like a mountain dew type soda so can't imagine most people finding it bad.

  32. It's terrible. It's like someone took a shitty store brand version of diet mt dew and added even more fake sugar to it

  33. Ghost’s flavors are generally very liked. I can attest. Best ones are the sour patch kids (red and blue) and sour watermelon warhead.

  34. The citrus tasted like an overly sweet version of a grocery store house brand diet mt dew

  35. Are you referring to MTN dew energy or MTN dew amp? I view MTN dew energy as a quasi diet high caffeine soda... Amp on the other hand is a legit energy drink and is always solid

  36. I've had Monster Nitro here in the US. I do prefer it. I don't like sugar though.

  37. They used to have a few different nitro kinds, actually was first introduced back in 08/09. The last round had some sugar free varieties

  38. Pretty sure that's an f250 which are built in Ford's Kentucky plant

  39. How will celebrities tell fictional stories disguised as real life stories for clout?

  40. They can always join Reddit and go to

  41. Today I fucked up by having super sexy time with a butt plug in while on a video chat with my kindergarten teacher, landlord, father in law, and priest.... Give me updoots please

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