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  1. Someone from around Arthur here: seen ‘em every year I’ve lived in Central Illinois. They’re always great.

  2. They ruin fireworks for every other town, but it's totally worth it!

  3. Hey man, I know that everybody here is laughing and joking around about your situation, and you seem to think it's okay to do so. Whatever helps you deal with the shit.

  4. I was with the DCP for a year, then worked seasonally for 2 years. I was a Character and paid more than others but the hours were brutal. You can't survive off Disney pay even if you wanted to

  5. Disney is the perfect utopian nightmare. Everybody stressed the fuck out, miserable, paid fractions of what they should be, but walk around with a forced fake smile on their faces because, God forbid, someone sees you not being happy.

  6. I bought it and read it in one day. It was incredibly insightful, plus there's some cool scans of his lyric sheets. He explains a little bit about his processes and how he writes certain things in different colors, or in different spots because he's constantly afraid that someone is going to steal his sheets of paper with his music, so he writes it in a way that only he can decifer it.

  7. I loved elden ring for the 80 or so (can't remember exactly) hours I played but then it abruptly burnt me out for some reason and I started playing another game. I have a bad habit of doing that but I do finish a lot of my games as well. I was playing ER a ton when my friend gifted it for me and I had never played a from soft game before this one. I'm also someone that doesn't consider myself very good at modern games and usually play on easy or normal difficulty but in all honesty elden ring was manageable for me, at least as far as I got. I do hear the game gets considerably harder at a certain point, but with the summons and my weapon of choice, bloodhound fang, I was able to overcome all the bosses and optional bosses i faced.

  8. Lol, I'm the same way. I have two kids, and I don't really get to play my games very often. Because of that, most new games that I do play often feel more like work than relaxing. I've gotta log in every day, do my dailies, or I'm not going to stay relevant. Hell, I used to love playing Madden, NBA2K, etc. But the way games have turned now, it's the same thing year after year and you've got to stay online or else you're not going to be able to compete.

  9. I don't really have any favorites, to be honest. Like, some mornings I just wake up with lines in my head, and that's my favorite for the day. But it'll change tomorrow, and I will listen to a different song/artist.

  10. “I can barely support me, but as long as you’re healthy, that’s all that matters”

  11. Man, I feel that so much. When my ex wife was pregnant with my oldest, I was constantly thinking 'I can't take care of my own shit, how the fuck am I going to care for a kid!?"

  12. Why on earth would you get a veteran license plate?

  13. Because they're free if you get the Disabled Vet plates in Illinois.

  14. Fuck off ima say the truth the only think I miss is my guys and nothing more

  15. I don't have a Tiktok, but I'm about to make one just to bitch about the Army.

  16. All tHe wHinErs ARe maKinG tHE ArmEe lOOk bAD...

  17. I very rarely use this phrase, but I believe this warrants this response.

  18. That's simply not true. I've got all of limbs intact, been 100% medically retired, making $5k a month since I was 23. Oh, and I'm working on my Masters degree, which is not only paid for by the VA, but they also pay me an additional $2k/month to go to school. Also, I don't have to pay property taxes, I get free license plates, and my kids and wife get their college free and get paid to go to school as well.

  19. If Nagy was still our coach, it wouldn’t be a bug, just a normal goal line play call.

  20. Bears football baby! Don't be so hard on Nagy, he said it himself, he's not an idiot!

  21. Better life pro tip, lay wet paper towel down over any drain you shave over. Then scoop it up with the pt.

  22. Even better, crouch down over your trash can and shave your face. It's what I've been doing.

  23. Lol, my mom once drove a Chrysler 300 and when she paid it off, she wanted to trade it in for something that got better gas mileage.

  24. It's not very profound, but it's something I tell my kids and I keep in mind at all times....

  25. Or, like my soldier who had to get a second job at the Huddle House on post, it can be both.

  26. There's a Huddle House on post?! Where?!

  27. I've got 3 cats and 2 dogs. One of my fat, dark colored cats likes to hang out in the dog cages. Usually the lights are off when I put the dogs up because I'm leaving, and that's the only time they go in their cages.

  28. I mean I'm hesitant as well, but I'll happily take your money.

  29. That was January tho right? You sure ya mean years 😂

  30. Meh, it's been years since he's been right, I guess.

  31. I've gone for years with my boys and will be there again this August!

  32. As an epileptic myself, I've got some killer epilepsy jokes.

  33. It’s over, man. Those are tough shoes to fill.

  34. Lmfao, you're a terrible person, but I'm here for it.

  35. Why did the people attack the person who was hitting the driver that made no sense

  36. I honestly have no idea. I don't know if that was the driver, or maybe a passenger in the car, I don't know

  37. Don’t forget the bar, serving a 19 year old kid apparently.

  38. It's the biggest party school in the country, the University of Illinois.

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