1. Min syrras pojkvän är 29 år och ska börja högskolan nu i september. Det är bara att hitta en skola med en linjen du vill gå på och söka dit.

  2. I just want a straight upp banana flavour.... I don't know exactly why, but I love the typical artificial banana flavour.

  3. F6 When im home alone. Otherwise H3 for maximum stealth

  4. Yes, that info in visible as a safety parameter for the person who sends the money.

  5. But wasn't Alaska sold by Russia? Good luck in breaking contract law . I'd imagine the US lawyers would love that.

  6. It was sold to the US in 1867 for a whopping $7.2 million

  7. Then click in changes at the top

  8. You'd think I'd have learned my lesson after the last trader event but no. A stash full of guns and no pistol grips to go on them. Yaaaaay....

  9. I'm in the same boat man... Think I got like 4 grips

  10. what are they trying to achieve? just makes it harder to mod weapons, get ammo....i think fewer people are going to play.

  11. They probably want less people to play. So reduce the stress on servers wipe day....

  12. As a tarkov player I disagree with this.

  13. I actually can not fathom a reason why you would want to sit at your desk and play a shooter like tarkov only to have to listen to ringing in my ears. The game already has enough audio issues adding ringing ears to the game doesnt make any sense.

  14. As stated in the first line of the post. This is not something to prioritize. And why tf is it such a big deal. This would only affect the player if they decide not to wear protection, which cost less then 20k...

  15. I just want to be able to play with an altyn

  16. I would argue altyns have enough of padding in them to work as ear protection.

  17. 5rt47kl7 (yes it's a lower-case L before the 7) is a coupon at the official merch store, tried entering it there and it works! About a 15% coupon.

  18. What kind of coupon does it give you?

  19. She has entirely too many USEC patches and not enough BEAR patches.

  20. Knight is a rogue-usec. So why tf wear Bear patches.

  21. I more or less agree although - unless I misunderstood - there would be no point in customizing if a stock gun has better stats than a modded one.

  22. Quickly, think to yourself, how do doors work in real life? Now think back to your question

  23. I made a post about this roughly a week ago and it got quite a lot of attraction. The next day they upped the limit of some of the items that you can carry.

  24. Are the rogues still up on other maps? Or is that event gone too?

  25. That ended about 2-3 weeks ago

  26. Lol, isn't the letter/tweet Literally suggesting there's still more to this event?

  27. The message read something like "all traders, end the discounts, or else"

  28. F.Y.I Don't ever expect them to rollback changes they made to combat something that let the players have an advantage.

  29. I'm not expecting anything. But I can always hope.

  30. Seems like a good idea to me, the only potential issue I could see is it potentially making loot vacuuming stronger.

  31. Def could happen, but realistically I don't think it will affect it that much.

  32. i like giving homie stuff i have a full labs keyset and a fuck ton of money i can do nothing eith brcause im done this wipe. when a homie needs a stim mid raid i should be able to drop it. while i get it they think this is gonna stop rmt it wont like i assure the devs that not being able to drop aquafps plushie isnt gonna be the downfall of the cheaters i just wish it was actual items not gold chains. another thing i absolutely hate is the fucking iten limit shit. i found 3 dr lupos beans in a reserve raid only to find out i cant pick up the fourth one. the fuck?

  33. I feel they should have either a max carry limit, or max drop limit. Not both

  34. Last i remember he said its planned but low priority, no?

  35. I heard there were no plans. But that was quite a while ago. He may have said otherwise since.

  36. I honestly dont quite remember but i think he said it in some kind of podcast

  37. I’m sorry, I know this is completely unrelated but my brain thought this was a blue screen of death xD

  38. I felt the same way til I saw the comment pointing out how far they overshoot the inv slot with the tape measure. Who knows, but they may not even realize how much taking some off the top would help

  39. The speed of your cursor in the inventory isnt the same as when you turn tour player around

  40. Why thank you sir, I had assumed that while not the same they were both linked to the same setting. Truly a TIL

  41. Thing is, they are linked to the same setting. It's just that different gear you wear will change turning speed.

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