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  1. Live within your means and move where you can afford rent.

  2. I dont think it is wierd to show their kids affection. Nor should society.

  3. Sounds like something a pedophile might say to downplay their actions.

  4. Billy Mays here with another great product!

  5. In just 3 easy steps I can climb right over this seat and kick your ass!

  6. Hnmm, the mocking of conservatives is the issue?

  7. Typical that they have no response. The conservatives claim that no one will have an honest debate with them, but the moment that one comes up, with excellent points by the way, they slink away with nothing to say.

  8. And why their idea of debating and having conversation about issues is just bs. They don't want that.

  9. Out of curiosity, what items did you run around to get when you thought you had gotten all 3?

  10. I see, thank you! I turned the game off like an hour ago haha, I'll go and take a shower then evaluate professionally what to do

  11. Collecting all health and attack upgrades seems like it could trivialize this fight, considering your progress so far. It sounds like you're getting better so that could push you over the edge to victory! I'm rooting for you!

  12. Thank you! I almost beat him yesterday! Messed up the lightning reversal at the very end but I'm getting closer :d

  13. This warms my heart! That sounds just like me right before I got him. I cant wait to be back there again soon!

  14. I think it's still swinging in one direction hard but you can see signs of wear. The people who sell us the culture need to let off the gas pedal or once it swings back its going to be some real Fundamentalist Religious Conservative revival.

  15. cough cough supreme court cough

  16. I used to be scared that creationists would take over everything. I dont think I have even heard mention of creationists since hitchens died.

  17. Your religious nutjobs are currently making a mockery of the supreme court so maybe you should pay attention a little bit.

  18. I’m just following the example of many world leaders from various countries.

  19. That's so vague that you should have just said nothing.

  20. No thanks. I've seen enough of you. I dont care for your irrelevant information that's just a non sequitur.

  21. This is almost as bad as posting this same low effort meme to multiple souls subs.

  22. Give FS time; they'll get it in there

  23. They saved the beaches whale for the last boss of the DLC for Bloodborne.

  24. Why do people think "free" entertainment is somehow above criticism.

  25. People listen on Spotify? With the amount of clips they show I assumed most people watched on YouTube for free.

  26. I listen to podcasts while I'm at work. I'm different. Just like the gays.

  27. https://video-game-guide-walkthrough.supersoluce.com/solution/sekiro-shadows-die-twice-guide-walkthrough/sekiro-main-areas/hirata-estate-2nd-memory/

  28. So I was a little exaggerated. Sue me.

  29. I did 2.1 playthroughs. My third playthrough i got bored before even reaching the first oggre. I know i got the best ending. From discussions with friends who played it too, the other endings, as usual, are pretty underwhelming. Just the same thinf but with an extra dose of depression. Watched shura ending on yt.

  30. I did comedy for like seven years. Only saw someone rush a stage once that I remember. Don't remember what set him off, I just remember him telling the comic "show me your teeth" a bunch of times. After he got kicked out we had a lot of fun showing the audience our teeth.

  31. This sounds exactly like my first go. Now I have multiple NG+ and I'm working on platinum-ing it.

  32. Atheists can be super condescending too. As a wise man once said: “you’re not wrong, you’re just an asshole”

  33. You're not wrong, but it's a little different when religious people are constantly trying to reshape our lives to fit their narrow world view.

  34. People need to learn that you can be right about something, without acting right and being smug

  35. Yeah that always blows my mind whenever I think about it. Like, you guys already make BILLIONS...why can't that be enough every year?

  36. Because cancer cannot be reasoned with. It needs to be poisoned and terminated with extreme prejudice.

  37. It’s cause she was an embarrassment to American royalty, she’d act out sexually

  38. It's a good thing none of the other Kennedy's did that. /s

  39. There are two absolute heights to my career with Fromsoft bosses. The first time I beat asylum demon, and the first time I beat Isshin. Nothing else has come close.

  40. I saw that post, I am glad that there was a lot of people saying not to skip it. But yeah it’s sad. Hell, I almost skipped it, thank goodness I decided to go against the grain.

  41. I understand that the title is an implied diss to DS2, but does it have to be? Maybe they're just observant of the fact that DS3 is clearly the direct sequel to 1. 2 can be played at any time.

  42. It’s not an implied diss, it’s implied that they were convinced to skip ds2 by people who didn’t like it, and probably didnt even finish it.

  43. Oh jesus, I'm sorry I responded to you.

  44. They are responsible for finding their own coverage.

  45. These games were mostly inspired by Georgia O'Keefe.

  46. Tok'd. I'm only doing this because toked is another word that also works in this context.

  47. It’s the dynamic between the two that makes the vibe. I don’t wanna see a solo show of Tim jacking it all day

  48. That's true, but most people only know about and put up with Crystal's antics because of Tom. I dont know why some people are pretending that isnt the case.

  49. Is no one going to tell you guys that its "goodmorning julia"?

  50. Meanwhile, I wonder what happens when society sees our reliance on blue collar, retail, etc. Hmmm, maybe they’ll be hailed as heroes for the five seconds before right wing traitor lunatics came to their senses and went back to trying to exploit them again.

  51. Remember when we were heroes during covid for simply continuing to work at gunpoint? At least they arent lying about how they feel now.

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